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IMsL, By The Numbers

Outfits worn: 8

Hours slept: PLENTY

Cliff bars consumed: 2

Bananas: 3

Chinese food: just once

Bacon cheddar BBQ burger: just once

Items purchased: 5
– Two rope books, a small flogger, a wrist cuff, & a silent auction Twisted Monk 50′ 8mm red hemp rope

Items lost: 2
– my black hat & my brand-fucking-new Mr. S Leather wrist cuff; damn you stressful travel days

Self suspensions: 2

Blogs posted: 4
– Preparation, Cigars, Dropped, The Journey Home

Classes attended: 3
– Rope Intensive with Lamalani, Bootblacking Intensive with Q, 10 Rules For Happy Non-Monogamy with Andrea Zanin

Cigars purchased: 2

Cigars gifted: 1

Hands with ash for me: 5

Chocolates given: 4
– “You know how to keep them coming back.”

Planned scenes: 1
– rope, knives, fisting, and chatting

Spontaneous scenes: 2
– I don’t always kiss and tell

Small, Perfect Moments: few, but more than I could have asked for

Stars: 20 + 1

Actual orgasms: who the fuck knows…

Borrowed rope: a chest harness

Gifted rope: a 15′ length of white nylon
– use it well, young one

Awesome hugs: many

New friends: a plenty

Fits of tears: blessedly few

Miles walked: 3

Crazy drugged homeless person avoided: 1

Hours writing in a landmark: 2

Hours walking around another landmark: 1

Boots blacked: once

Asked to pinch bootblack at the last minute: ONCE

Actual pinch bootblacking: none
– I came to the rescue, but the rescue already happened; next time, maybe

Slices of pizza: 3

Exhausted end of convention conversation with a friend: 1

Plans for the future: unknown

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