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“I know we haven’t done anything fun and exciting, but it was nice having you around.”
“I like spending time with you guys, whether we are doing something or not.”

There was snow on the ground the last time I saw my two friends who I will affectionately call The Lesbians. Back then we sat in a restaurant eating burgers, and they informed me they were “a little bit” pregnant. It was within the first ten weeks, so I kept my fingers crossed and thought good thoughts for them.

Now, many months later, they are a lot pregnant.

I love The Lesbians. I’ve known them since high school, since before they started dating, since before their first kiss. One of The Lesbians was in a friendship triad with myself and our best friend. That was an amazing time in my life, feeling like I belonged with a quirky yet awesome group of people (sounding familiar).

However, as is so often in life, our lives some where along the way diverged. I went to college an hour’s drive away. They did not. I still came back to visit on weekends, but so much life happens Monday through Friday.

As I drifted apart from my hometown folk, I still made it a point to always come back. Christmas. Fourth of July. Thanksgiving. Easter. Memorial Day. And random weekends. I wanted to remain their friend. I wanted to still have a part of my life less complicated than the rest.

Today I was able to see The Lesbians. They are married, own a home and a dog, and are about to have a child. They thought they were having a boy, but then learned that no it is a girl. For want of a better name, as they are still in the deciding phase, they have been calling her Katniss. I personally love it, but they squashed my hopes on the latest teen hero being emblazoned on their birth certificate.

I sat with both, eating and chatting. Then there were errands to run: grocery shopping and a run by the in-laws home. We played cards, drank beer, ate barbecue with more friends that came over, and caught up on each others’ lives.

I talked about work, my roommates, and my kinky friends. I talked about stupid boys and how everything is going well with my new therapist. We talked and talked and talked.

And then it was time for me to go. Another activity awaited, seeing The Avengers with a work friend. As I walked the hug circle around the table on their back deck, I embraced all my friends, and my niece (she is so big!).

I grabbed my bag and headed out, not looking back. I didn’t want to be tempted to bail on my work friend, and I was looking forward to seeing the movie.

But I made it a point to mark in my calendar another day to come visit, another day to say hi to the belly, another day to catch up with my vanilla friends, enjoying time on their back deck, just sitting.

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