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Drunk Blogging

My roommate DeepEnd makes the BEST Long Island Ice Teas.

Haven’t done this in a while. Blogging while I’m drunk. But I didn’t want to go to bed without blogging, cause if I wait til tomorrow morning, I’ll either blog or run on the treadnill, but not both cause then I’d have to wake up way early.

I was SO horny today that I masturbated for like an hour. And then my roommates made fun of me because I was worried they’d be like offended by the noise, cause I can get loud, what with the screaming and stuff. But then SkinnyBitch was like, “The first time I hung out with you a guy hand his fist inside you for like two hours.” And I was like, “But ya’ll know I’m uber polite.” And it was funny.

Amethyst makes the best Crescent rolls. They were just what I needed when I was lying on the couch watching Private Practice for a few hours.

Before I was downstairs practicing my self suspension, before the Long Island cause only stupid people rig when they’re drunk. Yeah, so I practiced tying myself and I totally rocked it. I got myself in a sideways suspension and was on the ground tying my left leg into a Futomomo (learned that term at Shibaricon), and then pulled myself up and secured my hip harness and tied my leg up and was like, “Yeah. This is awesome.” And I tied a one-handed ankle cuff on my right leg and attached the wraps around my chest to my ring and pulled up and ankle and it looked so cool. And then I realized I had no one around to take a picture, and that kinda sucked, but then I remembered I’m going to Fusion and I was like, “Yah know what, I’ll do this again there and get someone to take a picture.” Cause I don’t have any pictures of my tying myself and no one knows you’re a rigger, let alone an awesome one, unless you have pictures of your work.

I’m suppose to be tying two of my friends at Fusion. And tying myself. And hopefully getting tied. Yeah, I think my Fusion gonna be awesome.

I was talking about it with the Gent today. He called me, cause I had a nightmare about him and woke up and texted him and he told me he was okay and that made me feel better. But then he was busy tonight so I couldn’t see him. But then he called and my new iPhone 4s was being stupid and he mistakenly hung up on me and I was screaming at my phone in DeepEnd’s care and SkinnyBitch was like, “You know that’s inanimate (wow, I think I spelled that right) object and it can’t hear you.” And then DeepEnd was like, “Yes it can. My phone has an app that responds to when I yell.” And I would have found their conversation really funny except I hadn’t talked to the Gent in a really long time. But then I got him back. And we talked for a little.

He’s not coming to Fusion. I had this awesome fantasy of him magically appearing, possibly at my abduction, but that’s why I called it a fantasy, cause it’s totally not going to happen. But at least I’ll get to see him when he’s back from his work trip.

So yeah, I’m gonna have an abduction at Fusion. That, I’m sure is gonna be an awesome blog post. This one…I don’t know about. But then again the last time I did this, which was like a long time ago, people seemed to like it. So yeah.

PS. So my friend’s blog, no two of his blogs, cause he has like three, were hacked and I’m not happy about that. I read his blog. I like his blog. I really like his blog cause then I get to read his thoughts on stuff and he’s really insightful and wise. And it gives me a piece of his life while he’s far away and busy. So whatever this Saudi Terrorist bullshit hacking of my friend’s sites is needs to go away so I can have my blog posts back. Dammit!

Okay, time for bed. I have work tomorrow. And Sunday. And family obligations Monday. So I should, well, sleep. Yeah, that. And then wake up and run on the treadmill because it makes me happy. Not because I love it when people notice I’ve lost weight. Or when my clothes fit better. Or when it’s easier for me to suspend myself. Or that I feel more sexually confident the fitter my body gets.

Yeah, sleep now. Stop typing, Kristen.

So SkinnyBitch introduced me to My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube. I’m probably gonna watch those tomorrow. And then read this blog, cause I’m not gonna spell check it or anything. Cause, well, I’m drunk and it’s more funny this way.

Once every couple of months makes this refreshing, right? Not, like, stupid, I hope.

Bed now.

So there is this guy… NO! Bed now.

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