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Never Said

[written beside a fire with the sexual energy of camp & the flames as inspiration]

~a poem~

I bite my lower lip,
the way I often do when I’m nervous,
and bounce on the edge of my toes.
But then I look at him,
And say it, finally…

“Gaze upon me as if I were a painting…
No, a steak…
No, your last meal;
each curve, each inch of my skin
your tongue’s last morsel.

Touch me like plush,
Like velvet,
Like…like clay,
each kneade,
each caress,
each glide of the tips of your fingers on my skin
shaping me closer to my true form.

Kiss me like your lips are on fire
and my mouth is your water.

Fuck me.

Fuck me like we are fire,
burning red hot for each other,
the flames of your tongue licking my skin,
the searing of your hands scorching lust over my body.
Fuck me like you don’t care the day, time, place, or manner.

Fuck me like you want it,
need it,
crave it,
keep it.

Fuck me like I’m your landlord and rent is due tomorrow.

Fuck me like it’s illegal.

Fuck me like you’ve been poisoned and my pussy is the antidote.

Fuck me like it’s your last day on this earth.

Fuck me like you love me.
Fuck me like you love me.

Oh please, god, just fuck me…”

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