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Abduction part 2

Big Bro had cradled my head and neck as he tackled me and we went down to the ground. Very quickly, a hood was over my head.

My Hello Kitty bag was still slung over my shoulder, lying somewhere on the ground, as they pulled my arms back and secured them with manacles.

“Ah, glasses please.” Someone slipped up my hood just enough to grab my spectacles.

With my glasses safe, I began fighting back, trying to wrench my arms and legs free. Multiple hands gripped down on me. Once my limbs were secure, they tried to raise me to standing. I resisted.

“So, that’s how you want to go.”

They lifted me. I don’t know how many people it took, but each limb was raised off the ground, bending my back into an arch. I felt like a cross between a sky diver and a pig on a spit being carried to dinner.

They threw/shoved me into the back of the truck I’d seen before. The bed was hot, the metal warmed from the day’s Sun. They pushed me in further as others also hopped in.

“Ready.” I heard a door close, the truck start. We were moving.

There was a rip; I think someone used a knife. The front of my dress was ripped down. My clothes were coming off.

They went for my nipples. They slapped and pinched; I yelped and fought back more.

As the pain began, I had a mini panic attack. For a moment, I thought I couldn’t breathe in the hood. But then I realized I was screaming bloody murder, so obviously I could indeed breathe.

Someone, I think Murphy, shoved me to one side of the truck and into someone else’s arms. I listened to the two of them speak and recognized a familiar voice.

“You motherfucker!”

Friday night, the night of the storm, the very night before, I absentmindedly made my way to the Dining Hall in hopes of Midnight Snack. There was none, but I did find friends to chat with.

As we spoke, the topic of my abduction came up. Gray, who I had listed first on my approved roster, pled ignorance. He said he never got any email from N3rddom. I tried to not show my disappointment.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, me in the hot truck bed, pushed into someone’s arms, and then being pissed off beyond belief.

“You thought I was too busy to check my email?”

Such a mindfuck.

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