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Fire Bug

“Who won Rock Paper Scissors today?”
“Oh, I gave up on on that.”
“He kept winning.”

“Sixteen people have witnessed you say I’m the Master.”

“Fucking in panda suits; I should look at porn more often.”

First, there was the lecture portion.

Chey and Stefanos talked about basic fire safety.

“Fire play is edge play. Unless you’re Pyro, a flogging scene is not going to burn your house down.”

They went over supplies, what to buy and the simple items you’d need for a fire wand.

They spoke about burns. “If your bottom safewords, it’s already too late.” They made the point that, going into any fire play scene, both parties should assume mild first degree burns may happen.

There was talk of hair: the ability or difficulty of burning it off and ways to avoid the pungent aroma.

They gave tips for negotiation, noting psychological factors were not obvious, as well as certain health conditions (diabetes, asthma) that would effect the play.

With most of the lecture complete, we all walked inside the sauna, I mean Dungeon, and the fire of fire play was brought forth.

In the shade of the building, we finally saw the blue within the flame, the hottest part of the fire. Warm ambers danced with the cool blue as Stefanos first demonstrated the heat on his hand, and then licked the flame across Chey’s chest and back.

Still teaching, they talked about tool placement (“Don’t light your table on fire.”) as well as methods of laying down the flame and immediately putting out the heat.

The presentation ended with my favorite part: the hands on section.

Chey took us back outside to make our very on fire wands, using simply fondue skewers, 100% cotton gauze, and 100% cotton thread. I picked two skewers with black handles tipped in red, wove my gauze tightly at the forks, and bound the cotton with black thread.

Once most of the students had their wands made, we again migrated inside the Dungeon. It was time for the live practicum.

After waiting in line, my nerves building, I approached a gentleman lying on a table I had never met before. With Chey watching over me, I carefully dipped one of my wands into the alcohol, rung out the extra liquid, and touched the cotton to the tea candle. Fire danced at the end of my wand.

I brought the flame to his body, traced a line down his chest, and followed my free hand behind, wiping away the heat. I did it over and over again, fascinated by the flame, but always very careful and concentrated, not wanting to break the bottom.

I switched sides. Again I traced lines of fire over his body. Each time I swiped away the flame. I topped in fire play.

But, well, I am a switch. This was to be a multiple cherry pop class.

I wanted to feel the flames on my skin. With my fire wands tucked away, I waited in line again. With few people left from the class, Stefanos soon called me up. I removed my clothes and hopped up on his table.

Lying on my stomach, my hair and necklace not an issue, I relaxed, making myself breathe.

He started slow, first blowing the heat onto my skin, letting me feel the intensity. Then he worked up and down my body, running lines of fire down my back, over my ass, and tracing my legs. His touch was at first gentle and slow, but then accelerated in speed and intensity of hits. Each time he wiped away the heat, extinguishing the flames.

I gasped and sighed and moaned, trying with all my might to keep as still as possible and let him do his work. The fire, the flame, the heat on my skin was new, and exciting, and surprising, and so full of yes.

Finished, he thanked me for my energy. I sat up and asked him for a hug. He granted my request.

To give, to receive. To place it, to feel it.

I went to their class because Stefanos and Chey are incredible people, both inside and out.

I left their class with a little fire bug inside me waiting to come back out.

And also an agreement to be a demo bottom for their fire play class on Sunday…

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