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No Rush

He wore Spider Man underwear. Before we even began, I was smiling.

On the walk to my cabin and then to the Dungeon, I gave Evil Mike a basic run down of how I wanted to proceed.

He had come to me a few weeks before wanting to be suspended. I had accepted, knowing I needed practice on different body types.

I informed him we would be chatting throughout; this wouldn’t be sensual or have a D/s dynamic. I would gradually introduce each tie, making sure it fit and felt well on his body. And then there would be the final lift. He could rest in the ties as long as he wanted; no rush.

We started. As I worked, we chatted about our time at camp.  Mike had just arrived that day. Friday saw an influx of all the rest of the attendees, people with strict jobs or those who just wanted the weekend experience. It was the late afternoon; already he had had good vacation time. I bragged a little about my fun.

I started with his hip harness. I gave him a Swiss seat and encouraged him to adjust the ropes to work well with his manliness. For his chest, I did three sets of wraps above and below his pecks. Having him lean back, I checked both ties to make sure they felt secure, and then attached them to my ring.

Moving down to his legs, I used a simple cuff on each. Asking which leg was stronger, I secured the weaker leg’s thigh and lifted the limb. I had him hold onto my ring for support. Bending down, I placed a cuff on his strong leg’s ankle.

I asked Mike if he was ready. He was.

I had him sit into the ties, leaning back. I lifted his leg and secured the ankle line to my ring. I asked him which area of his body was supporting the most weight and adjusted the lines accordingly.

Mike relaxed into the ties for a spell before asking about head support. My adjustment had helped, but he wanted to not have to hold up his head. Using a long strand of rope, I quaded my lines, wrapped the rope around the back of his head, and secured the loop to my ring. It was quick, simple, and perfect.

Mike lazed in my ties, enjoying the gentle sway. I smiled, happy that I had yet another body in the air, pleased that I’d learned from my first tie and done better on my second, and feeling a teeny tiny bit more confident about my work.

We chatted more as he enjoyed his rope time. Since one of my playdates had canceled, I was indeed in no rush.

Eventually, when it was right for him, I slowly let Mike down. My piles of knotted rope littered the ground. “Ropekake!” I squealed in glee.

As I started cleaning up, I taught Mike how I liked my rope coiled. We both felt great.

I’d gotten him up; I’d gotten him down safely. Job well done on my second tie of the event.

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