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Running —

~ a story ~At its essence it was innocuous. Merely pieces of paper folded and secured together with two staples. At its essence it was small, easy to loose, simple to destroy. But it was all that it meant that meant so much to her and now means so much to me. Her passport told […]

Up High —

When we arrived, our group disbursed, heading to their toy bags or directly downstairs. Since I had my things with me, I stayed in the upstairs, wanting to get ready. I’d grabbed a simple black wrap dress that accented my cleavage well, some jewelry, a pair of daunting heels, and my tail. Though quite tired, […]

I’m Fucked —

~ a story ~ Sometimes it’s obvious, immediate. As soon as you meet a person, or even just upon first sight, you know. Oh shit. Here we go again. Something about them, you’re not always sure what, but something grabs you, and in an instant you are done. You know you are destined for at […]

Closing —

We all gathered back where we’d started, again amassing in the basement living room. I sat by the front this time, nestling on the floor. We assembled in a circle, everyone looking at one another. Gray stood by the front again, all the sheets of paper with the class names in his hands. One-by-one he […]

e[lust] 40 —

Photo courtesy of @iSlut_ of A Slut’s Memoir Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #41? Start […]

Full Contact Improv —

“An orgy without sex.” “Free form modern dance.” “Presense through movement and touch.”I couldn’t completely trust. I couldn’t completely let go. I couldn’t completely extend my arm. The exercise was simple: let your partner take your weight. I held Inretrepida’s hand and leaned back, but there was a bend in my elbow. Gray had instructed […]

Almost Gone —

It happened in an instant. I was teaching my first class of the Grue, a presentation centered on cigar play from the bottom’s perspective. Gray consented to helping me, taking on the role of my demo top. We had already demonstrated a few fun aspects of play (smoke kiss, smoke rise, and eating ash) when […]

Fisting Is Fun —

Before we began, we had a little laugh. This would be the first time we fisted using a glove and lube. When I walked upstairs for my Fisting class, I was a little nervous. Inherent in the premise for my presentation is a slight flaw: I needed a demo fist. I knew this, and hoped […]

Watcher —

~ a story ~Behind it was the real me. Behind the clothes, the smile. Behind the lilt in my soft voice, the coy look in my eyes. Behind it all lived me. And I never let any of them see it. I was shy, quiet. I was never the first to do anything. I hung […]

A Kiss —

A moment later, my pouting somewhat subsided, MattP and Roughinamorato announced they needed a nipple. Of course, since I was right there and am always happy to be helpful, I volunteered. I quickly disrobed, removing my school Gir shirt, tie and bra, standing in front of them in just my Gir booty shorts. To show […]