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Busy Day

With the sacrifice of my Saturday a given, an unintended consequence arose. All of sudden I only had one day left at camp. One day to go to class. One day to play. One day to make everything happen.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I already had a tight schedule. One class, four play dates, participating in an elaborate scene, and I still wanted to spend some time with friends. I wondered how I would make everything work.

Quickly getting up, I showered, changed into a cute dress (cause this was my last day, dammit, I was going to look good), and headed to breakfast.

After food, I went to the one class I knew I wanted to make, Playing Well With Others. I had already taken one of Vesper’s classes and knew that this one was a must see.

As luck would have it, two of my cabinmates attended. We shared a futon couch as Vesper spoke, asking everyone questions, engaging the entire class in the conversation. The discussion focused on Monogamous and Polyamorous relationships, how they differed, and elements that were important to every relationship.

At the end of the class, with most everyone gone (including my cabinmates) I found myself in a conversation with Vesper and one of the other class attendees. As one would expect, we mused on relationships and life in general.

As it was soon time for lunch, once our extra-class discussion came to a natural end, I asked Vesper if he’d like to have lunch together. I had felt a friendly vibe from him from our initial meeting and wanted to get more time to chat. He agreed. We strolled down to the Dining Hall.

During our meal, he flagged the camp organizers over. Vesper’s flight home was that evening and he needed a ride to the airport. I was now very happy I’d asked to spend some time with him.

As the organizers thought on who could give Vesper a ride, an idea occurred to me: I could.

Yes, my schedule was tight, but I could postpone a playdate for later that evening, opening up the time I would need to get him there. With Vesper happy to have a ride with someone he actually knew, we called over to the organizers; problem solved.

Of course, this opened up a new can of worms for me, but I do love rising to challenges.

And thus began my three hour whirlwind.

First their was lunch with Vesper, chatting and laughing and such. Then, right after lunch, I rushed back to the cabin, changed, and waited for my first play date: cigar play lessons on the grass in front of my cabin.

I told the gentleman with whom I played simply, “You scare me. I appreciate that.”

He replied, “The way I get girls to play with me is I scare them.”

“Like I said, you scare me and I appreciate that.”

He requested my clothes off. I left on my red underwear with the words “I HATE U” printed on them. I think he appreciated that.

After smoke-and-heat-and-ashy fun, and the promise of more play together at some time in the future, I grabbed my things and caught a taxi to the Dungeon for my second play date.

Jim was waiting for me. I was five minutes late.

We found a sex swing, setup two chucks (one in the swing and one on the floor), and then began our fun.

The date was Jim’s idea. He quickly cleaned my boots before licking my leather and slipping his hand inside my pussy.

“You have to be quiet; they’re having a class.”

Behind Jim, across the Dungeon, I saw a group of people sitting in folding chairs having what seemed like an intense conversation.

I wanted to scream as Jim’s fingers danced inside me. Orgasms rolled, but I had to muffle myself, my hands often covering my mouth, quieting my ecstasy.

When we finished, with about ten minutes to spare, Jim and I chatted for a moment.

As we spoke, I kept looking down at his boots. In a moment of asking for exactly what I wanted, Jim granted me permission to kiss his boots. I kissed and caressed his leather, allowing myself to get lost in the smell and sensation, but only for a few precious minutes.

Cleaning the swing and collecting my things, I put my dress back on. I thanked Jim for the fun and then ran off.

Arriving at Vesper’s cabin, I was right on time. He said his goodbyes before we walked to my car.

During the ride, we again got to chatting, learning still more about each other. My initial vibe was confirmed in that car ride. He’s a cool guy; I could definitely see us being friends.

I gave him a hug before he flew away, and then I flew back to camp. I still had two play dates and a psycho drama to perform in.

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