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Dominant Ash

I was exhausted.

My flight from DC to London had left at 10pm DC time, and arrived at 10am London time. Because of turbulence, I’d only slept for about three hours while on the plane.

But I was in England. And CherryBondage was there waiting for me. We hugged for so long. It felt amazing to be near her again, to have her arms around me.

As we made our way towards the Underground, she gave me great news. Gray had landed about half an hour before me and we were all going to have lunch together. Already my London trip was starting wonderfully.

As CherryBondage and I headed down into the Underground, I realized our excursion, though fun, would not be easy. I lifted my checked back, packed to the gills with my bootblack kit, some rope, and other various items, and carried it down the stairs. And then up some stairs. And then down more stairs.

CherryBondage and I met Gray and two of our friends at the Waterloo station. With recommendations from both Gray and CherryBondage, we decided to head to The Breakfast Club for lunch. Afterwards we stopped by Sh!, a adult store catered towards women, and then swung by another sex shop, though this one catered to gay men.

Settling down, we encamped in a nearby Pret A Manger, seven hours after my arrival.

As I said, I was exhausted, had clearly over packed, and saw no way to relieve myself of my mistake any time soon.

In the moment, while sitting in the casual dining restaurant, all I wanted to do was push my chair out from my table, crawl under Gray’s table, place my head on his knee, pull his heel into my crotch, rest it against my clit, close my eyes, and relax. But I couldn’t.

Still, I was among friends.

As we chatted, Gray, who sat next to me, reached over and pinched my side. I kept my squealing low; there were other folks about. Gray then spoke about a new way of eating ash, a dominant way of eating ash. Of course I was curious, so he demonstrated the technique on me.

Occasionally when we’ve played, I’ve been a simple ash tray. I stick out my hand, Gray rolls the ash into my palm, and I hold it for him.

Gripping my hand, Gray squeezed my thumb and pinky together behind my palm creating a flat surface for his mock ash. Again I held back a yelp.

Pulling my hand to his lips, he licked the center of my palm, dancing the tip of his tongue on my skin. I now understood what others felt when my tongue graced their palms. It tickled in the most sensuous way I’d ever felt. I wanted to melt right there.

I couldn’t have my head at Gray’s knee, or his heel on my clit. I couldn’t make my luggage weigh less. I couldn’t magically be in bed, bathed, naked, and relaxed. But I did have Gray’s tongue on my hand, felt the heat of his ash kiss on my skin.

Event though I was exhausted, Gray eating mock ash from my hand was enough to keep me going.

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