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Lost Day

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Since I was on setup crew for Summer Camp, eight days of my life to be spent at my kinky home, I figured sacrificing one day would not be so bad.

Well, it wasn’t… at first. My call time for work wasn’t super early. I got breakfast. I saw folks.

And then I put on my work clothes, walked towards my car, and dropped myself back into the real world.

When my gig ended, I raced back to camp. It was late, almost 3am when I arrived. I immediately changed my clothes and roamed around, hoping to catch the last bit of fun for the day.

I ventured down to a small fire surround by camp chairs just outside of a nearby cabin. There I found Big Bro chatting. He’d had an intense day, but didn’t want to talk about it.

Instead he suggested I head up to the Dungeon. The Switches play party was due to end soon, but maybe I could have a little fun before it was over.

Rushing up the hill and across the tennis courts, I entered the Dungeon but found no fun for me. Whatever play there had been was long over. Only a few people remained, lingering about, none of them playing.

Feeling down, but not yet out, I meandered over to Sex-o-Rama. Climbing the few stairs to the shared balcony of the horseshoe of cabins, I peaked into the individual sex spaces, hoping to spy a scene or two.

The Makeout Room was empty. In the Brothel, three folks were having fun on one of the beds. In the Peep Show, two other individuals were having loud sex.

I quietly tip-toed over the wooden balcony, first watching the duo before the trio.

As the duo fucked, I kept myself hidden, not daring to go inside the cabin. With their chosen bed by the door, I was able to view their carnal delights through the cabin window and the plexy glass of the Peep Show stall.

I made sure to not interrupt them but I also didn’t want to miss their display. I greatly enjoyed watching them and hearing the sounds the bottom made as they were being fucked quite vigorously.

When the duo finished, I slowly and silently eased back towards the Brothel. Like my luck before, I was able to watch the trio’s fun through a cabin window. They were less animated than the duo, and I was more easily viewable from their vantage point, though.  I do not believe they saw me, but I still opted to not stay long.

With my last embers of hope dying out, I ventured back up to the Dungeon. No one was playing, a testament to the chill in the air and, I believe, everyone’s wish to save their energy for the last day and night.

Resigned that I was not going to get into any trouble that evening, I made my way back to my cabin, snuggled in my bed, and fell fast asleep. Having lost a day of camp, I knew Sunday, my last day, would be busy.

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