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My Piggy

~ erotica ~

When my piggy opened the door, it was wearing just what I always wanted, merely it in white cotton underware and nothing else.

“Hello piggy.”
“Good evening Mistress.”

My piggy stepped back, head down, waiting for me to enter it’s home. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.

The room was as I liked it: a futon mattress at the center, my preferred chair (high backed and well cushioned) pulled next to the mattress, and an end table with my preferred drink (a glass of champagne) freshly poured and waiting for me as well as my favorite toys placed on the floor beneath the table.

Today I was in a somewhat femme mood. High heeled stilletto boots under my pressed pinstripe dress pants. My white collared button down sleeveless dress shirt. My hair slicked back, wavy, like I’d just stepped out of the shower.

I walked over to my chair and sat. My piggy, like a good little slut, stayed put until I called it over.

“Come here piggy. Kneal down at my feet.”

It scurried over quickly and laid its body below me.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Did you miss your Mistress.” My piggy nodded rapidly.

“You’re Mistress missed you too.” I took a sip from my champagne and smiled. My piggy had found my utter favorite, sweet notes popping in my mouth.

“I know something my piggy missed more than it’s Mistress.” My piggy looked up in dismay. I only looked down on it with care. My eyes then trailed to the button and zipper on my pants. My piggy’s eyes followed, becoming large and wild.

“Go ahead. Pull it out.”

Gingerly, my piggy reached it’s hands up, undid my pants, and pulled out my cock. It licked it’s lips, giving away it’s hunger. My piggy stroked my shaft softly at first, then looked up at me again.

I gave an approving nod.

My piggy’s lips softly enclosed around the head of my cock, kissing it at first, before enclosing its mouth around it. Long languid movements up and down, piggy enjoying having my cock in its mouth again.

When piggy got my cock to hit the back of its throat, I put my hand behind my piggy’s head and held it.

“Look at me.” My piggy’s eyes shot up towards mine.

“I missed you piggy. Just like this. But do you know what I missed most of all?” My piggy slightly shook its head no.

“I missed my cock in that tight ass of yours. Do you want my cock in your ass piggy?” My piggy slightly nodded its head yes, now starting to squirm, struggling for air.

“How much do you want my cock in your ass, piggy? Can you beg for it, piggy? Beg for my cock in your ass with your eyes.”

My piggy could no longer sit still, begging not just for my cock in its ass but for air again. Tears were on the edge of forming. My desparate piggy, in more ways than one.

“As you wish piggy.”

I let my hand off the back of its head. It gasped for air as I shoved it onto the futon mattress.

Reaching under the end table, I grabbed a pair of handcuffs and locked them onto my piggy’s wrists.

Pulling my knife from my pocket, I cut a small slit into my piggy’s underware. With one good yank, I ripped a large hole into my piggy’s underware, revealing my piggy’s pretty ass.

Sitting back in my chair, I pulled my piggy back to standing but had it bent over, its ass near my eye level. I spread my piggy’s cheeks and easily found its wanting asshole. Spreading my tongue wide, I licked my piggy’s ass. My piggy moaned. Though I’d never tell my piggy this, I missed eating it ass almost as much as my piggy missed my cock.


My piggy bent its knees as I guided its ass onto my cock. There was initial resistance, but I slowly eased my cock head into piggy’s wanting ass. The first bump of my cock into its ass illicited a gasp.

“Missed that, didn’t you piggy?” My piggy nodded slowly. I pushed it down harder, forcing more of myself into it. Moans fell from my piggy’s lips. Soon my piggy’s ass was sitting in my lap.

“Such a good piggy, taking all your Mistress’ cock.”

One hand on my piggy’s hip and the other on its shoulder, I told it simply, “Fuck my cock, piggy.”

My piggy bounced up and down, stroking my shaft with its ass, fucking slowly to begin but soon picking up speed, slamming its ass into my lap.

“Good piggy. Such a good little fucking cock pig. Always wanting more and more cock every time I see you. Fuck my cock piggy. Fuck it hard like I know you want to, like I know you dream of when I’m gone.”

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