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~ erotica ~

This person, this perfect person lying next to me, in my arms, in my bed.

This body, slender and muscular. This skin, beautiful brown, sun-kissed, unscathed. This head nestled into my arms. This person, this perfect person in my arms.

The smell of his hair, his cologne, his sweat. The feel of his head nuzzled into me, his body nuzzled into me, his perfect ass resting in my crotch.

The sound of his breathing. The rise and fall of his chest. The soft way he holds onto my arm, holds onto to me, while he sleeps.

How did this body, this perfect body, this perfect person, half my age and double my beauty, end up in my bed?

Just looking on him, feeling him next to me.

Again. I can’t help it. I’m getting hard again just at the sight of him.

I want to touch him, taste him again. And again. And again.

Softly kissing his neck. His ear. Nibbling his ear. His cheek. His lips.

He kisses back. I’ve woken him up. Groggy slow kissing. Down his chest. Kissing his nipples, now standing up at my touch. Kissing the rise and fall of skin over muscle. Kissing his stomach, his perfect stomach.

And, finally, there. He’s hard too. Of course he’s hard too. His youth, always ready, always wanting. And oh how I want him.

His cock in my mouth. His exhale at the touch of my lips. His hands in my hair. His gasps from my manipulations. So young, you have no idea what tricks I’ve learned in my years, dear boy. I can hear his pleasure, hear his moans, feel the rise of his hips towards my mouth.

Condom, I tell him. Quick recognition in his eyes. His arm reaching out to my end table and frantically grabbing one. Giving it to me. Good boy, I say.

Still sucking on his cock while I rip the condom open. Putting it on, gliding it down my quite hard shaft.

Hooking my arms around his thighs. Bringing his hips into my lap, onto my crossed legs. My tongue trailing down, over his balls, the loudest gasp thus far.

Then down further. Further. Licking his asshole. His moans louder still. Getting his asshole wet for me. Playing with it, the tip of my tongue dancing all around.

And then the tip of my cock as I sink his hips down into my lap again. Sucking his cock. Fucking his ass.

This boy. This man. This perfect body. This perfect person. So happy to be in my bed. So happy to be in my arms. So happy to be fucked hard by me.  So happy to be with me.

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