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Would Have —

~ erotica ~I would have fucked you. I wanted to fuck you. I thought about it all day. Thought about it as we walked, talked, laughed ate. I thought about fucking you in my bed. On the couch. Rolling around on the floor. In the shower, trying to not slip and fall. Against the wall, […]

I Want —

~ erotica ~ “I want to watch you suck my cock.” I saw the eagerness in her eyes, saw the sparkle as she stared at my rather large purple dildo that I stroked while I sat on my bed. I was naked, save for my strap on, which itself was cover with a condom. She […]

Intermezzo —

~ erotica ~ As the intermission ended, patrons filed back into the crowded theater. I intentionally strayed behind, asking for another drink from the bartender. I needed something strong if I was going to make it through the second half of the show. “Scotch neat please.” He gave me a sideways glance but poured the […]

Late —

~ erotica ~ “We have to go.” He sat on the couch, his clothes sloppily thrown on his body, his hair merely pushed back off his face. He’d flipped to something random on our television; we were probably going to be late. “Come on. Get your shoes on. You know how much they hate it […]

May I —

~ erotica ~ “May I?” He gave a small head nod in consent. I practically jumped up from my seat and scurried towards him, descending down to the floor, resting on my knees by his feet. His boots were tall stiff leather that, over time, had come to meld closer to the shape of his […]

Guidance —

For the past year I have used three words to guide my days: Bravery, Endurance, and Forgiveness.EnduranceI slogged through twelve events, an often difficult work schedule, writing the hundreds of blogs for this forum, and working on my current trio of novels yet to be published. I had harrowing moments, especially my San Francisco and […]

Six words —

And now for something different… So I was watching some more TED Talks before bed tonight, and one of them featured a man named Sebastian Wernicke. I watched two of his talks actually, and both dealt with synthesizing TED Talks down. With the plethora of ideas floating around among, at the time, one thousand posted […]

Hands —

~ a poem ~My hands in his hair. Guiding his tongue along, around my clit. Brushing his bristly beard in languid strokes up and down my pussy. My legs resting on his shoulders as he devours me. His hands in my hair. Guiding my mouth along his shaft. Bobbing my head back and forth on […]

Wordplay —

~ a pittance poetry ~ 1) Deep in the forest, creeping through the almost nightDrifts a little girl clinging to a small light. She wanders and cries, and holds her beam tightNot knowing what dangers lurk or could fright. She wishes she were home, weeps at her plightFor she does not know how exactly to […]

Tease —

It was just so perfectly timed. The thought popped into my head. Sitting on a couch, reading a book, waiting for him to return home. Hearing him entering, but my not responding. Just reading my book; no care in the world. He drops his things. Immediately drops to his knees. Pulls my skirt up. And […]