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Good Boy

~ erotica ~

Everyone was on the floor. He sat cross-legged in front of me. My crotch nuzzled up to his tight little ass, my legs laying lazily on the carpeted ground. My chin rested on his shoulder. We watched the small intimate show, cheering on our friend who was dancing. But I wanted a little more entertainment for my evening.

I reached my arms around him, spread apart his thighs, and wrapped my legs around his middle, resting the heels of my boots on the floor. My chest now laid against his back, my arms around him. I let my hands dangle as my forearms rested on the inside of my knees.

I brushed my nose against his ear before whispering my intent for the evening.

“I’m going to eat your asshole tonight.”

I heard the stalled breath and immediately felt his body tense. He slowly reached a hand up and gently dragged my hand down to his crotch where his cock was already growing hard. I massaged his cock through his shorts while we waited for the show to finish.

When the show ended and the party began, I quickly sat my things down under a suspension frame. He’d sat against the wall waiting. I turned to him, extended my finger, and beckoned him over. He crawled like any good boy would.

With a move reminiscent of how I’d soon play with his ass, I gestured for him to stand. I leaned in close, my lips again by his ear.

“Do you like sexual humiliation?”
“I… I don’t know.”
“Hmm, I think we’ll find out tonight.”

I grabbed one of his wrist and then the other, tying a basic cuff around both before throwing the excess of my rope above the top and pulling down, lifting his limbs into the air. He could still stand flat on his feet, but he couldn’t get away.

I grabbed him by his hips and turned him towards the party crowd. Most people milled about, looking for places to play, equipment to use, or a place to sit, but a few watched us, wondering if we’d make a good show.

I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his shorts, and pulled off the fabric. Like a good boy, he wore no underwear. His cock was mostly hard. Even with his shirt still on, I could tell he felt exposed. He looked down towards the carpet.

“Look up. Keep your eyes open. I want you to see them as they watch you, as they watch me fuck you.”

Reluctantly, he did as he was told.

I dropped to one knee and eased his legs apart, gripping his cheeks to expose his asshole. I reached over and dragged both my bag and a small table to within easy access. I put on two gloves, and grabbed a condom, my bottle of lube, and a special surprise toy, setting them next to me on the table.

With each cheek firmly in my grasp, I spread my tongue wide and gave my first long languid lick. He tilted his head back, eyes closed, and gasped. I quickly gripped his balls and called up to him, “What did I say?”

“Keep my eyes open.”
“That’s right. You can gasp, moan, plea, and scream, but your eyes will remain open.”

My mouth delved back into the cleft of his ass, licking furiously now, tracing his rim with the tip of my tongue, using the stud in my mouth to tickle his flesh, and delicately probing inside of him. He pushed his hips back, an eager little slut, wanting more and more of my tongue in his ass.

But I wanted something more now.

Standing up, I riped open the condom wrapper, pulled out my cock, and slid the latex down my shaft. Taking up the lube bottle, I generously slicked up my cock for my boy, as well as one of my hands. I set the lube bottle back on the little table next to me again, just in case I’d need it later.

My dry hand found my boy’s cock, rock hard now, and stroked him as my slick hand’s fingertips played with my boy’s asshole.

“Having fun?”
“Good, because now I’m going to fuck this little ass of yours. Would you like that?”

Again he pushed back as my fingers now explored inside of him. Good and warmed up, I pressed the head of my cock to his hole, easing it into him, and slowly sliding all of me inside him.

“Fuck!” he screamed.
“Yes, my boy. That is exactly what I’m doing to you.”

My hands rested on the front of his pelvis, pushing him further onto my cock, framing his cock for those watching. Indeed, we had drawn a crowd. My boy looked on them, no more embarrassment in his eyes.

“You like it when they watch me fuck you. You like it when they see me take control of you, my cock inside of you, ramming in and out, don’t you?”

I shifted my hips, slowly easing my cock out and then gliding it back in, slowly fucking deep into his ass. When I did this again, he whimpered in the way that got me hotter.

“Are you about to cum?”

He repeated the word over and over. I held my cock inside of him, not moving it, but instead reaching over and grabbing my surprise. I rested the small vibrator on the millimeter of my cock not fully in his ass, and turned it on.

“You like that?”
“My cock buzzing inside of you.”
“Do you still want to cum?”
“Yes! Please! Oh God please!”

With one hand, I gripped his balls, massaging them firmly. The other cupped the head of his cock.


His body twitched and jerked, his head having no choice but to follow the spasms. He spewed into my hand, white, sticky, and warm. I brought that hand to his mouth where he greatly lapped up every last drop of his cum from my fingers. I wiped the excess moisture on his face, down his chest, and back onto his cock, stroking his now sensitive organ, my rock hard cock still inside of him.

“Now, what do you say?”
“Thank you. Thank you.”
“That’s my good boy.”

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