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~ erotica ~


He turned, looking at me quizzically.

When the doors to the elevator closed, I immediately grabbed him by his tie and pulled his body towards mine. We slammed against the wall with a muffled thud, his head now near mine as I continued to hold his fashioned noose. His leather gloved hands had instinctively braced against the wall, his arms above me, his wool coat crowding me, his body enclosed around me.

“What are you doing?”
“Oh, nothing.”

I kissed him, quieting his inquiry. His left hand found my hair, gripping my strands tight and pulling my face into his, our embrace ravishing our lips. The sweet aroma of his leather filled my nostrils along with his cologne which he loved to layer on before we ever left the house.

My free hand, which was resting on his chest, now eased into his coat, unbuttoning his wool as it traveled, gliding down his shirt, across his pant leg, and finally caressing his now stiffening cock. I felt the smile form on his lips as we kissed. I returned it in kind.

“What if someone…?”
“What if someone?”

I released my grip on his tie, and hurriedly unbuckled his belt, undid his pants, and pulled out his hard cock. His right hand went right for my thigh, lifting me up and onto his cock, finding easy entry through my tights; I’d cut out the crotch for just such moments.

“Fuck,” I gasped as he entered me, reclining my head back, taking all of him in.

His movements hiked my skirt up to my hips. His hands now went for my shirt through my open jacket, wrenching my breasts just barely free. His lips closed around my nipple and sucked before lightly nipping the delicate flesh. His teeth then found my neck, my arms encircling his head.

My hips pumped trying to ride him against the elevator wall. He used his arms and his hips to lift and let me down, as in and out his cock glided inside me.

With a jolt, we stopped. The elevator had started moving, descending.

“Shit!” he screamed.
“Fuck, please don’t stop,” I whispered into his ear.

We were heading down, down to the lobby again.

But I was there. I was right there. Just another moment. Just another minute.


He kissed me and fucked me hard, pumping my body up and down on him, grinding my back against the wall. Closer, closer to my cum. Closer, closer to the lobby. My warmth growing. The floor levels decreasing.


When the doors opened up, the old man saw the back of the gentleman’s wool coat, as well as the back of the gentleman’s head, and he could just make out the form of a woman standing in the back corner of the elevator. Her breathing was labored, her head planted on the man’s chest, his arms around her. Their embrace created a small world for them in the back of the elevator.

The old man’s steps were as labored as the woman’s breathing, but he had come to accept his slower speed with his increased age. He crept onto the elevator, his walking cane, now his most beloved travel companion, helping his way.

The woman caught a glimpse of his face as he entered. The old man wore a knowing smile, as if a friend were constantly whispering truths into his ear. With an uneven gait, he turned around, and pushed the button for the fourth floor.

He couldn’t hear the two behind him, save for the woman’s breathing which was slow to ease. He reached up to readjust his hat and push his glasses back up on his nose. When his floor came, he lumbered off the elevator.

Just as the doors were closing, he stuck his cane in between them, bounding the metal back open.

“Next time, push all the buttons. That way the ride down is a little longer.”

The old man tipped his hat to the couple and lazily walked away.

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