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Hickies Are Real

~ erotica ~

“Where did we stop last time?”

She knocked on my hotel room door at 10pm sharp, same as last time. She walked in, counted her money, and disrobed, same as last time. But this time I had an once of bravery in me earned from my previous payment and my previous lesson.

I sat on the bed as I had left her, clothes off down to my undergarments, hands and lips itching to take in her breasts again. As soon as her words left her lips, my mouth surrounded a nipple, my hands found her flesh, and I found myself feasting of her body again.

“Yes, there.”

She stroked my hair while breathing hard. I just barely noticed the caring way she massaged my scalp, pushed back my auburn mane, and soothed me as I sucked on her.

“You obviously love to play with my breasts,” she began. “But is there anything else you would like to do or learn about today?”

My head shot up.

“Am I do something wrong?” I thought she liked this, thought she wanted this, thought I was doing as I had done last week. Had I sucked or bitten too hard, licked in a wrong place? Was I screwing it up?

“No, this is quite lovely, hun, but there are other things to enjoy besides my boobs, that is if you want to try something else.”

Duh. I could’ve slapped myself in the face, but my hands were still otherwise disposed having never left her cleavage.

She was correct in her estimation of my love of her bosom. Something about her breasts, the shape, the feel, the taste… I loved marveling in her chest.

But I didn’t pay her just for her boobs. I paid for her, all of her, even the thing in between her ears. Somehow, I’m not sure how, she had become my teacher and I had begged to be her willing paying student. I would let her guide me.

“What… What did you have in mind?”

She smiled warmly.

“Something else simple.”

Simple. That was what I was and how I felt, but I tried not to let her see that.

“How about my neck? You can still caress my breasts, but use your lips on my neck.”
“Did I hurt you with my teeth?”
“No, no. You…”

I could see the struggle for her to find words that wouldn’t hurt me. Her efforts were in vain, though. I already hated myself for my timidness, my quiet reserved nature, my inability to talk to women, let alone pursue them. And yet, nothing she could say would hurt more than the things I already told myself.

“I think you pay me to come here because you need lessons in how to please a woman. And don’t worry, you’re not the first I’ve taught. Many men, despite their bravado, don’t know how to talk to women while in bed, but they know how to pay for me. So, occasionally, I’ve taught them a thing or two.
“I think you want me here because you see women and think they are impossible. But we are just people, hun. Bodies and brains. You seem like a person who knows the brain part. I’m just here to relate to you about the body.”

She softly brushed her hand against my cheek, the kindest touch I’d felt from a woman in a long time. I closed my eyes and leaned my head into the graze, so soothing, so comforting. When I opened my eyes back up, she was smiling kindly.

“What did you have in mind next?”
“The neck.”

She craned her head back and to the side. I’d thought it a myth, a stupid-high-school-kids-television-show myth that girls liked for you to kiss and suck on their necks. I was wrong.

Reaching out her hands, she took my head in between them, brought my face to the crook of her neck, and continued with her lesson.

“You can kiss a neck. You can lick and suck on a neck. You can use your teeth more here, harder, but make sure the person is okay with bruises.”
“Hickies are real?”
“Yes, hun, hickies are real. To make one you lick, bite down, and suck while you are biting. Go ahead. Try.”

I was tentative at first, not knowing what was too hard.

“It’s okay. You can go harder,” she instructed.

I sunk my teeth in more. She gasped.

“Yes, like that.” I started to suck. She moaned a little.
“Yes, that’s it. Now softer, hun. No bruises today.”
“My hands?”

For this whole time, my hands had never left her breasts, but I felt awkward now with my attention split between the two areas.

“Do you want to move them?”
“I… shouldn’t I?”
“You are enjoying my body, hun. What do you want?”
“Where would I if I wanted to?”
“My hair… the back of my head… my back… gripping the sides of my arms… my hips… my lower back… Any place… Any place that pulls me closer to you… makes it easier… for you to enjoy… my neck.”

Her voice had turned breathy, as if she were floating on a cloud. Something in her voice told me, whatever I was doing, I was doing it right.

I released one hand from her breasts and placed it on her shoulder blade, pulling her in closer.

“Yes… like that.”

I loved being this close to her, feeling parts of her body on my skin, knowing I was making her feel this way, that I could make someone feel this way.


“I’m sorry, hun. Time’s up.”

She brought her hands to my head and softly pulled my lips and teeth from her neck.

The same frustration as before came over me. The same wanting more of her, more of her body, more of her lessons filled me with terror and sadness.

She kissed my forehead as before, redressed as before, and left as before.

But, before she stepped out of my hotel room, she turned back and asked, “Same time next week?”

She knew she didn’t have to ask, but she had anyway.

“Yes, same time.”

I was thankful for her kindness.

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