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This Thing

So, I did this thing.

And by “thing”, I mean “podcast”.

And by “did this”, I mean “started a”.

For those of you most loyal of blog readers, you may remember some time ago that I started a podcast and only created two entries. THIS IS NOT THAT!

However, having gone through the process of starting another podcast, there remains the option of me re-starting my previous effort, which I feel may well be a great new venture for me. But I digress…

There have been a few times in the course of my blog entries where I have cited Graydancer’s Love Life Practice blog. I love reading his work and find it to be a comfort in my life. So much so that, in fact, I began recording myself reading his blog entries aloud back in August.

It just so happened that one time I recorded a blog reading while he was in the room. And then came the idea: “You should start a podcast.” And I did my usual brush off of anything incredibly great and new that will totally be awesome for me but require some work and change in my life… until finally caving in this January to the simple fact that Gray was right as per usual. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

Thus, Poetic Reads Gray was born. I launched it this past Friday on Gray’s birthday, a quasi-gift to a more-than-just-a friend. I hope you will take the time to listen to his words as interpreted through my voice, and maybe even venture over to his blog to join the conversation or look at his nifty photos and links (even if there is no porn).

And thus my incremental takeover of the interwebs continues. Now I have an active blog, an active podcast, an inactive blog, an inactive podcast, a blog a use as a placeholder/organization tool, and my Twitter/Fet/FourSq/Tumblr feeds.

Yup, the internets are taking over. Run while you still can, or be like me an join the mass infection.

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