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Fuck Me, Please —

~ erotica ~The first time I asked you to fuck me was when we first met. You had this bright look in your eyes, a wide smile, and you shook my hand firmly when we were introduced. I found that refreshing. You were treating me as an equal, even though I was the new girl […]

Three to the Third —

I may never forget his birthday. I love numbers, always have, and as soon as he told me his birthday, I smiled and said, “Oh, cool; three to the third.” He smiled at the nerdy way my brain had branded the date into my memory. Now, having not seen or spoken to him in months, […]

A Little Motivation —

So I was in my car, driving from a gig to my house, listening to NPR the other day. I was only a minute or two away from home when a local news segment came on. The feature: decision day for medical school students. This was the day when they all learned at what hospital […]

CCon Fantasy —

~ erotica ~ The beginnings of this story happened while I was in bed at CatalystCon, awake Sunday morning, even though I didn’t want to be, horny beyond reprieve, trying to find a way to calm my passion filled body and mind. Enjoy…~ He hovered behind me, the heat of his body increasing the wetness […]

Quickie —

I kept checking the time between my feverish typing of tweets. 11:10am. 11:18am. 11:23am. 11:38am. Each instance I checked the time was a reminder of what soon awaited me; a gorgeous man and his hotel bed. When the presentation ended, I dashed from my seat into the hallway. After a quick cursory glance and no […]

I’m Down —

– I’m horny and you’re hot. I’d love a quickie in your hotel room after this class session, if you’re interested…– I’m down for that. ~He was kind enough to offer me the extra bed in his hotel room Saturday night. I accepted, knowing his gesture would save me nearly two hours of driving Sunday […]

Influence —

You’re the reason why we’re here.I knew, when I participated in the documentary, that it had the potential to reach people. I had hoped it would. I suspected not many people would see it, but I thought if at least some people viewed it, it would be a good start at acceptance from the wider […]

Fuck You Knowledge —

I get sad. It’s not for any real medical reason, but every time the seasons change I go into a funk. My general mood drops to bleh, and I find myself not wanting to do anything but plant my ass on the couch, alternating between watching NetFlix and sleep. I know the things I should […]

Work —

There is this guy I occasionally work with. He’s not the most attractive man. Not particularly muscular or athletic in any way. He doesn’t have a face you’d think of as handsome per say. It’s his eyes; the knowing behind them. And his demeanor; it’s always obvious who’s in charge. Every time I work with, […]

Haunted —

~ a story ~ I knew it wasn’t him. He wasn’t due in town for another month, his job taking him far away from me to places he never spoke of and people I didn’t know. I could see, even in the shadow of the column by his seat, an almost familiar chin, almost familiar […]