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~ erotica ~
{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.}

I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home.

I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My long hours dulled my mind, but I could never forget the way home. Down two blocks, turn left. Pass the cheap gas station where beggars asked for change during the warmer days. No need to avoid the fried chicken and lake trout restaurant across the street, whose aromas often tempted me. Right after the corner store; too late to stop in for a few groceries. Five blocks more, and then home.

My feet moved without me thinking. My mind didn’t register the actual short length, instead feeling my fifteen minute walk as a labor.

I loved these streets, the people in the them, the neighborhood which I adopted and the inhabitants who accepted me.

So I knew it wasn’t one of them who did it.

Not Mr. Brown, who swept his front stoop every Sunday, watered his flowers in his window box every other day, and was the first to have his trash and recycling out, ordered and more neat than refuse should be.

It wasn’t Dobs or Karl, the vets who rested their bones on the sidewalk in front of the gas station from March to September, and only asked for a little help when I could.

It wasn’t Ms. Crystal, who owned the restaurant, and always wanted to put good food in my belly and a smile on my face.

It wasn’t the Asian family who ran the corner store, whose kids I’d seen grow up in the five years since I moved to this part of town.

It wasn’t my neighbors, my community.

It happened after a particularly long day. Sixteen hours of work with few moments of rest. My whole body ached.

My steps were slow, my march home more strenuous then need be. My limbs moved out of will to rest, knowing at the end of my journey a bed and soft covers would soothe their pain.

I didn’t notice the van as it approached. Didn’t hear the door open. Didn’t know a man got out behind me. Didn’t know he had a knife, wore a mask, and stalked me for a block before he attacked.

First I felt the pull on my hair, craning my head back. Then there was the knife on my neck, the scratch, the few drops of blood. My hands gripped his arm. My bag hung from my elbow. He dragged me to the open door of the van. Pulled me in. Closed off what little light from the dark night was left.

There were four of them. One driving, because the van kept moving. One to hold my arms. Another to hold my legs. The last, my original attacker. They all wore masks. They all wore gloves, leather. Boots, too. I guessed they were military. They communicated without words. Their cruelty was precise.

One pulled away my bag, pulled down my pants and panties. One by my head used his knees to hold my arms. He tore open my shirt. A knife split my bra. In a matter of seconds, I was naked and open.

I was pinned with my back on a mattress. It didn’t move as they worked.

I heard the ripe of condoms, and was shocked at a flash of relief.

The one by my head placed his hand over my throat. I felt a knife against my cheek. I knew what he would want.

The one by my ankles bent my knees. All three flipped me over.

The one by my head grabbed my hair. Lifted my head. Pushed open my jaw. He shoved his cock in my mouth. I gagged, but took it. Tears trickled down my face. He rubbed a gloved hand over my eyes. Then smacked my ass.

The one by my ankles gripped my hips. Lined up his cock. He drove his dick deep inside my cunt. My hands held onto the edge of the mattress. He pounded my pussy hard and fast.

The one at center used a gloved hand to stroke his cock. Rubbed his dick against my ass. Used a cold slick finger to probe my asshole.

The one in my cunt stopped, pulled out, moved back. The one at center took his place. His dick circled my asshole before pushing, pushing. Sliding all the way inside me. More tears.

He didn’t fuck my ass. He followed the rhythm of the man by my head. Rocking his body with mine, cock slid in and out of my throat but remained in my ass.

Then I felt two sets of hands on my hips. Heard a gasp of pleasure. The man who invaded my pussy took refuge in the asshole of his friend.

They all followed a rhythm, a beat they knew well. I took them, accepted my fate.

When they were close, each rising to a crescendo together, the van stopped. I heard the driver’s door open and close. In the time it took him to walk around, they all came, grunts and groans filling the small room.

The driver opened the side door. He pulled me out onto the sidewalk. Another flung my bag out.

All four men stood over me. I cowered, hiding my face from the dim light of the night, from their eyes. I felt the four streams of piss hit my back, my ass, my hair.

When they finished, they got back into their van and left.

I laid on the ground for a few breaths before raising my head to figure out where I was. At once, I knew. The small tree. The bike rack. The number on the building.

They discarded me at my front door.

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