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Three people died in Boston today. One of them was a child. Eight years old. A third grader who attended the Boston Marathon, who possibly cheered on a family member, lost their life today.

More than one hundred people were injured in the dual blasts. Multiple injuries included the loss of limbs. I don’t think that is a coincidence. A bombing at a marathon that causes people to lose legs. Someone is trying to say something, though we don’t yet know what.

I listen to NPR for my news. They played the sound clips of the blasts. People screaming. Fleeing. The second boom in the background. They talked about the race volunteers and the police assisting with the crowds. All the things you hope will happen when tragedy strikes.

The point of terrorism is to inflict not only harm but fear. Fear to go out. Fear to do anything. Fear to live your life.


April 15th.

Today was Tax Day, but also Patriot’s Day in Boston. Every year they run the race, celebrate the battles at Lexington and Concord. Every year there is a celebration in Boston on April 15th.

What will next year be like?


I heard about the explosions in my car while listening to NPR around 3pm. At first only faint snippets. A few injuries.

I parked, went inside my home, did internet things. And then I read Twitter. And the numbers had grown. And the President was set to speak at 6:10pm.

I got inside my car, turned on the engine. Turned on the radio. I sat, waited, listened to what he had to say. No real new information, but a promise to find out who did this and why. A small comfort in this time of turmoil.

I drove to Popeye’s. I bought fried chicken and biscuits. I went to go see my friends.

Because that was what I had planned to do before I learned someone or someones inflicted this horrible act of terrorism (let’s call it what it is) upon the people of Boston and its guests.

When I arrived at my friends’ home, one of them was pinging people he knew in the area, making sure they were okay.

And then we ate fried chicken and drank wine and watched a movie on a laptop because FUCK YOU!

FUCK YOU whoever did this!

FUCK YOU whoever tried to instill fear in the hearts of people in this country!

FUCK YOU whoever killed a child, two other people, and injured over a hundred others!

FUCK YOU whoever ruined a beautiful joyful day for people who trained for years, raced their hearts out, for the people who cheered and encouraged them, for a city who celebrated!

And FUCK YOU if you think you have won. Because you have not.

I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to be bullied by unknown agents of terror.

I’m working in DC tomorrow. I will still take the Metro to work. I will still do my job. I will not let fear take hold of me. I will not let you win, whoever you are.

Fuck you, fear. Fuck you, terrorists. Fuck you.

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