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He had a curious grin on his face.

“Why are you smiling?”
“Because it’s you. It’s actually you.”
“You did read the model release form, correct?”
“And my name was on the letterhead.”
“Yeah, but. You don’t think you’ll actually meet the head of the company on your first audition.”

Another one, fresh from the farm, looking for fame. How cute.

“First audition?”
“Yes Ma’am.”

And he Ma’am-ed her.

“You do realize what kind of porn we make here?”
“You make all kinds of porn, Ma’am.”
“Yes. What was your name?”
“Of course. Yes Samuel, we make all kinds of porn for almost every genre.”
“Then this is where I want to be.”
“Really. Why?”

He seemed taken aback by her question. But then he stopped, gave it a few breaths of thought, and spoke.

“Ma’am, I left home because no one there could understand me. I grew up in a very strict religious household in a very closed off town that had one way of thinking and being. And that way was not who I was. I realized that pretty early on and kept quiet about it. But then I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to just leave. Packed a bag and came here.”
“Why here?”
“You’re the reason why I found my courage. I found your stuff, clips of your porn on the Internet, and for the first time I realized I wasn’t alone. Other people wanted, if I may be so crude as to say, the same kinds of dirty nasty downright wrong sex I dreamed of since I first starting jacking off. The kind I thought only I loved. The kind I knew, if I ever told anyone in my town, would have me beat or worse. To learn I wasn’t alone. To learn there were other people, lots of other people like me. Of course I had to come.”

For the first time, she looked at him. Really looked at him.

He was a cookie cutter image of down home raised 100% American red meat. Just what her audience would eat up. But there was also a genuineness in his eyes. He meant every word he said. Everything out of his mouth rang true.

Standing there, naked in front of her, lights shining on his tanned skin, completely naked, cock out for the world to see, yet this boy was comfortable. Relaxed even. A light went on in her head. There was possibility in this boy.

Still, she needed proof.

“You listed Anything Goes as your preferred porn category. Do you really mean that?”
“Yes, Ma’am. Until I yell Red, I’ll take it all.”
“Well, we don’t have to start out with that today. How about just a test shoot. Are you up for that?”
“Yes, Ma’am. I’d love to.”
“Good. Andre!”

She yelled for her assistant. He hurried into the room, latte in hand.

“Thank you, my love.”
“He’s cute,” said the tall gay man.
“Indeed. Andre, darling. Take off your clothes.”
“Ms. Hunt, I.”
“Andre, you’ve been good to me this past year, learning everything I’ve taught you quite quickly. Up until this moment, your performance has been excellent. Do not disappoint me now. Take off your clothes.”

Andre took pride in his wardrobe, dressing to fit his status as Sandra Hunt’s right hand. Well balanced colors. Polished shoes. Silk ties. Removing his clothes felt dirty, beneath him. What he didn’t realize was that Sandra was about to reward him for his work.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

There was a look in Samuel’s eyes. His stare didn’t leave Andre from the moment he walked into the room.

“Samuel, you are going to suck Andre’s cock. He, as with all my employees, is regularly tested for STI’s. You, by merely being here for this audition, have also been tested and come up clean. Are you comfortable sucking Andre’s cock?”

And there it was. She saw it, plain as day. The way his eyes shot open. The lick of his lips, salivating over the idea of what was to happen next.

“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Good. Andre?”
“Yes, Ms. Hunt?”
“Stand next to Samuel.”

Sandra turned and pressed record on the small digital camera a top a tripod beside her.

“Let’s see. Andre, will you need a chair?”
“No, Ms. Hunt.”
“Samuel, will you need a pillow for your knees?”
“No, Ma’am.”
“Samuel, will this be the first cock you’ve ever sucked?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Good. Think of this as a lesson. One that will help you in your coming years.”

Sandra glanced down at Samuel’s cock. Whereas before it was barely at half staff, he was now standing a full attention.

“Samuel, first you’ll want to stroke Andre’s cock. Think of how you’d want your own cock touched, caressed. That’s good. Now, don’t forget the balls. Use both hands. Can you hear Andre, how his breathing’s changed. That’s what you want. That’s how you know you’re doing it right. You want to try to read to Andre’s reactions. Listen to his body. His non-verbal cues. Also he may guide you with his hands. Andre.”
“Yes. Yes, Ms. Hunt.”
“Put your hand on Samuel’s shoulder and push him down. Good Andre. Now Samuel. See how Andre’s cock has grown a bit. He’s becoming aroused. Do you like that, knowing it’s you who’s making this happen?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Are you ready to take him in your mouth?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Good. First, lick your lips. I imagine your mouth is already wet, salivating even, at the idea of Andre’s cock in it. Start out with just licking the tip. Good. All around it. Now close your lips around the head. Be sure to cover your teeth with your lips. Now stroke his cock with your mouth. Up and down. Up and down. All along his shaft. How deep can you get him in your mouth? Can you take more of him? More? You feel Andre’s fingers in your hair. He’ll guide you. Glide you along his cock. Encourage his cock deeper into your throat. Do you like that? How Andre is using you. Making you take his cock. Making you take all of him. Fucking your face.”

Sandra didn’t know how far Samuel would go. Didn’t know yet how far she could push him. But the thought of this fresh face, his fresh mouth, his cherry ass, and all the money she could make off of him made even the harden Sandra Hunt quiver at the thought.

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