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~ erotica ~

“What are you looking for tonight?”

He sat in seiza, black kimono and matching pants perfectly pressed, arranged just so. His face was plain.

“Something different.”

“I have rope. You have your body. From there where would you like to go?”


You could always find him in the same spot every Friday night, on his personal mat, under the same suspension frame, ready and willing to tie all comers.

“Hemp, jute, or MFP?”

No one knew which he liked more. If he even had a preference. He was aloof, mysterious.



“Um. Yes?”

I really didn’t know what I wanted. Didn’t know what to expect from him. Had no idea how my night would go. But I knew he intrigued me, so why not push a boundary.

“Are your clothes destroyable?”


“All of it, down to your shoes.”


“Take off your shoes.”

I’d seen him tie all types.

“What is your safeword?”


“Any play off limits? Any hot buttons?”

“Use safer sex supplies if the spirit so moves you. Otherwise, have at. I’m feeling very orange tonight.”

Different bodies. Different genders. Levels of dynamic.

“Any health issues? Medications. Nagging pain. Stupid little things going on.”

“Nope. I’m good.”

Sometimes he was just the guy that took the pretty girl up and brought her back down.

“Last time you ate? Any alcohol?”

“Dinner about two hours ago, and no.”

Sometimes he was sensual.

“Anyone I should talk to before we start? Any dynamics? Partners?”


“Nope. I’m single.”

I loved to watch him play, however he played.

“Who do I contact if something goes wrong?”

“The DMs on duty are all my friends. They’ll know what to do.”

And, on the occasion, he was mean.

“Are you ready?”

Now those were the best.


“Good. Then we begin.”

I don’t know where the knife came from. Maybe the sleeve of his kimono. Maybe it was on the mat beside him but I just didn’t see it. All I do know is that he sprung up, lightning fast, and was at my neck in an instant.

A hand in my hair. The blade against my skin. He traced the tip along my chin before gliding down. One quick flick. A small tear in my sundress. He released my hair. And then rip. My dress was spilt in two down the front. I wore no underwear. One more yank and the fabric was off of me. I was naked in a matter of seconds.

A knee to the back of my thigh had me on all fours on the mat. I heard the familiar soft thumps of a rope coil flung free. He wrenched my wrists from the mat. Tied them together by my lower back. Jerked up. Pulled on my hair. Attached the rope to my mane. Added in tension. More tension. Craned my neck back.

I looked up at him, nervous yet thrilled at what else he had in store.

He looked down on me, face still blank. Eyeing me as if he were puzzling something out.

He sunk down to his knees, his crotch inches from my face. Instinctively, I licked my lips.

“Do you require a condom for oral sex?”

“Not at all.”

I eyed his crotch. The warmth from his slap lit up half my face. He grabbed my throat.


I parted my lips. He pulled his cock out from his pants. Stroked it with his free hand. Was already quite hard. Teased his head near my mouth. Stayed just out of reach of my tongue.

“Let me lick it. Suck it. Enjoy it. You’ll love it when I blow you.”

This time his cock smacked my face. Once. Twice. Then he slammed his cock into my mouth. I gagged. Then relaxed my throat. Used my tongue a little. Moaned from having him inside my mouth. He didn’t move his cock, just kept it there until I almost lost my breath.

He stood up. Looked down on me. Cock still hard and out.

And then he pissed all over my face. Into my hair. I turned my eyes away.

“No longer so talkative?”

I looked up at him. Rage. Pure rage. And lust. Carnal full body lust. I wanted him even more.

“No words are necessary when you’re having fun.”

I spat at him. Sprayed his piss and my spit onto his kimono. He was down, hand on my throat again.

“You’re fun. More fun than the rest.”

“So I’ve been told. Thank you.”

His lips met mine. We kissed, our tongues almost fighting in the playful way young lovers sometimes do. I never imagined he could kiss that well.

He sat back. Reached over my body. Untied his rope. Rested in seiza in front of me. I didn’t know what to say, so I said thank you. He closed his eyes, nodded. Looked on me.

I was high, a rush of hormones from the scene. He was more fun than even I dared hope. I lept up and was about to bop off to the shower when he tilted his head up and asked a simple question.

“Next Friday?”

“I’d love to. See you then, Xavier.”

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