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You knew I was going to do this, right?

Sometimes I just do things for people. Buy them a drink. Take care of the check for a meal. Crochet them something. It’s a part of my personality that I like to do for others, especially if I care about you.

During the month of April, an A to Z blog challenge occurred. People posted one blog a day corresponding to the letter of the date (1st-A, 2nd-B, etc). Sunday people took off.

I didn’t learn about the challenge until it was too late to sign up for it, but I still used the alphabet idea as inspiration for last month’s blogs. (Please ignore the fact that it took me until noon today to finish said blogs.)

I learned of the blog challenge through Gray’s blog at Graydancer.com . He posted an entry stating he was going to try it. I thought this sounded like fun. I love reading his thoughts and was pleased this idea would give me more of his musings, on an almost daily basis no less.

Plus it helped that it was a sexy subject challenge. Bloggers were asked to write about a topic corresponding to the letter of the date and relating to sex in some way.

One day, before a gig, I read Gray’s second entry in my car. I have this habit of reading things out loud, especially when I’m alone. As I read B is for Baculine, I found myself smiling, especially at a small moment he describes in the entry.

I already have a podcast of my reading Gray’s vanilla blog posts at PoeticReadsGray.

But, for the AtoZ challenge, I thought I would do something special. Just for him. Just cause. I re-read B is for Baculine immediately into my iPhone’s voice recorder and texted the file to Gray. I didn’t expect anything of it, except, hopefully, that he would like hearing his words in my voice.

I kept doing it throughout the month because one, I really liked it, and two, he never told me stop.

When I saw him at the Grue Pitt, he asked me why I’d read the entries. I told him simply because I loved his writings and thought it would please him. And that was the long and short of it.

Until I got a text from Gray a week later.

– Hope you like the podcast.

My reply: Oh…god…

Because yes, it made perfect sense. Quite a few of his entries were rope-centric. Why wouldn’t he create a Ropecast entry from his blogs? And I’d given him a wealth of content to post: 26 entries totally 1 hour and 36 minutes. It was perfect.

Graydancer’s A-to-Z Blog Challenge, as read by Poetic Desires

Except it never occurred to me. I did not expect this, at all.

Still, while listening to the podcast, and after finishing it, and even just thinking about it, I can’t help but smile. A big, huge, face-hurting smile.

Attention and affection.

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  1. Graydancer says:

    All I can say, besides thanks, is: MUAHAHAHAHAHAAA.