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We landed, he texted at 6:52am. I didn’t get Stefanos’s message til 8:46am.

I’m having breakfast, came his next text. I scrambled to get ready.

As luck would have it, I caught a ride from a taxi all the way around campus.

But, just as we were about to make the turn towards the Dining Hall, the driver noticed a problem with the cart. My ride had me disembark by cabin 15/16 so that they could take the vehicle back up the hill.

When I turned around, I saw him. The leather kilt. The smile. I scurried up the hill and into his arms.

We hugged, and hugged, keeping hold of around each other.

He looked exhausted. His plane ride had been a red eye, so I was sure he needed sleep. But he wanted to chat with people who walked by. He wanted to be engaged. I delicately extracted him and encouraged him towards his cabin.

“You know, you could help me sleep.” His suggestion was music to my weary ears.

We crept into the cabin. With a gentle hand, I put down my bag. Shay was already in bed asleep, blindfolded and ears plugged. She was smart.

Shay and Stefanos had yet to receive their linens. Shay snuggled with a blanket.

I only took off my shirt, but kept my bra, skirt, and tall socks on. I was glad for my tall socks.

Stefanos and I got into the bed, got back into each others arms. Closed our eyes.

I snoozed, drifting in and out of sleep. As I rested, I imagined energy pulsing from me to him. Imagined a glow forming from my body to his frame.

We kept changing positions, kept trying to find the best way to arrange ourselves in the bed. But with each configuration we chose, some part of me was always touching some part of him.

I listened to their combined breathing, two people that I had missed so. I smiled, knowing I had four days to spend with them.

My first moments with Stefanos and Shay were golden.

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