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When I dropped off Gray at his cabin, off loaded his things, and made sure he was good, I stepped up to hug him. I kissed his cheek. He turned his face into my kiss. He wanted more than a peck.

His lips met mine. We kissed. And kissed. And kissed. I stood up on my tip toes. My arms around his chest.

Eventually he ended our embrace.

“You better go. My cock’s getting hard and you have to work.” 

He slapped my ass and sent me on my way. I, regretfully, went back to setup duty.


“I just wanted to ask for your advice on running for Dirty Pig.”

“Well, you’ve seen the show before. You know what to expect. I think the only thing that might harm you is wanting it too much.”

Brakes screeched in my brain.

FULL STOP, yelled a voice in my head.


“Maybe I’m trying too hard? Maybe I’m taking this too seriously? I’m gonna stop. I’m not going to talk about Dirty Pig for the rest of the night. And as far as bribing the judges…”

“When it comes to the judges, I think they need to get to know you. You can’t just be the next person offering them something. Not just another pretty face. They need to remember your name.”

“You know, I was thinking. I went to Del’s class at GKE. And I saw Carol at CatalystCon. And I just got an email about possibly getting a short story published. What if I spoke to them about those things first? Make myself a person instead another contestant just trying to get a vote.”

“I think you’ve got this, Lil Sis.”


“I just wanted to thank you for teaching Top of the Boot at the first GKE. I was fairly new to bootblacking then, and it was the first time I’d seen a class from the perspective of the person receiving the blacking. I really appreciated the presentation.

“Also…A little birdie told me you were one of the judges for Dirty Pig. I’m running for Dirty Pig. How would you like me to bribe you?”


“Yes, you can use rope for breath play. You can use twine. You can use piano wire, but then you’ll run into other issues.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, while stroking my neck.

“You are one sick and twisted chic.”


Other fun activities can also be used for breath play.”

“Yeah, I know.” Rough turned me, noting my sly smile as I stood in front of the class.


“Yeah, last night.”

“Good on him.”

“Indeed,” I said.


“How do you want me to prepare for your Basic Suspension class?”

“Don’t eat a big meal beforehand, and don’t die in Rough’s class.”


“Now, I’m at a disadvantage for my class. Poetic is an experienced suspension bottom. She’s suspended herself and others, and can make up for any mistakes or discomfort this suspension may cause.”

Wow, I thought. People, even Gray, actually notice my rope-y-ness. I may be kind of good at this.


“Now, what if she fainted in her suspension?”

I let my body go limp in his ropes. Listened as Gray explained how to get someone down to the ground quickly. Felt as familiar hands lifted my frame, loosed the ropes, and rested me on the floor. Kept my eyes closed, and my body unmoved, as people “scrambled” around me.

“Okay, you can get up now.”

I popped up to sitting, smiling at the class.

“Okay, everyone spread out on the frames and try your suspensions.” Gray looked down on me. “Can you…?”

“Yup.” I scooted my butt across the floor, ropes still tied to my body. In the corner, I started untying his ropes and leaving them in neat-ish lines to be coiled.


“If he were at Summer Camp, he would totally win Fresh Meat.”

“Well, it’s not exactly a competition.”

“Well no, it’s a popularity contest.”

Rough looked at my friend.

“Can you hold this please,” he asked. My friend took up Rough’s bag.

Rough’s fist slammed into my chest before I had time to register his movement.

“Thank you,” he said, taking back his things.

“Thank you,” I said to Rough as he left class.

I was a smiley-happy-floaty girl again.

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