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Her Lips

~ a story ~


Her eyes were soft, caring.  Her smile was easy.  She smiled at me as I looked up at her.

The conversation was laid back.  I was getting to know everyone.  She was a part of the group.  And she was beautiful.

I tried not to stare, tried to just sit and relax on the floor, my back against the couch, as everyone spoke.

I liked them a lot.  I was new in town and they were all so kind, so welcoming.  It was my first party, my first taste of their scene, my first inklings of what it was like to be in and among them.  I liked them from the start.

Warm hugs and kind words greeted me when I first walked in the door.  Snacks on the side if I wanted any.  I quick tour of the small space.  And now, in the lounge area, chatting about their scene.  They raved about an upcoming event; only a month until they all caravaned away to play in the woods.  They spoke about the various get togethers througout the month.  They wanted me to know it all.

Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, I’d done what I usually do: fade into the background, letting the party happen around me.

But then I saw her.  The way she bounced across the floor.  The way she connected with each person as she walked.  The way her words lit up anyone she passed.

When her eyes landed on me, I felt naked, raw.  She gave me an easy smile.  I was at first dazed, but then I blushed, smiled back.  A pretty girl, no a beautiful woman was staring at me.  I curled up a little tighter in my ball on the floor.  She sat on the arm of the chair next to me.

Occasionally, she glanced down at me.  I could feel her gaze even as I made myself look away.  When I did look up, my stare was always greeted with a smile.

“Kai, have you met Dream?”

I looked up again, looked into those eyes, and at that beautiful face, all of which I knew I could get lost in.

“Hello Dream.”

“Hi.”  My voice scractched out the single syllable.  My gaze ran back to the floor.

The conversation continued.  I went back to listening.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement.  Within a breath, she sat on the floor next to me.  Her thigh brushed against mine, skin to skin.  I wore a short dress.  She wore cut off shorts and a riped up shirt.  It was the type of outfit that looked ridiculous on some, but on her it was perfect.

“You seem nervous.”  My heart raced.  She was talking to me, touching me.

“I am.”

“We try to be welcoming here.  What can I do to help you relax?”

“It’s just.”


I weighed the pros and cons.  I was new.  Did I really want to possibly mess everything up already?  But I was nervous.  And the only way I ever got over my nerves was to face them head on.  I turned, looked at her, made my eyes stay with hers.

“You’re really pretty.”

“Thank you.  You’re really pretty too.  I love your hair.  May I touch it?”

“Um, sure.”

Her hands reached up and caressed my choppy bob.  Her fingers delved under the strands of hair and began massaging my scalp, then playing with my asymetrical cut.  My eyes closed, rolled back into my head.  I relaxed, really relaxed, for the first time that night, a beautiful woman’s hands playing in my hair.

“I love your outfit,” she said into my ear.

“Thanks,” I said in a floaty haze.

“You really are beautiful, you know.  I noticed you as soon as you walked in.  We don’t get many new people.  You are a welcome addition.”


“Do you like girls?”

“Um, yes.”

“May I kiss your cheek?”

“Um, yes.”

Her lips lightly touched my face.

“May I kiss your neck?”

“Yes, please.”

Her lips tickled my skin.

“May I kiss your mouth?”


Her hands gripped my hair and brought my mouth to hers.  Her lips were even softer than I expected.  Her kiss was controlling in the way I liked, dictating what she wanted and how.  I gave in to her will, letting myself sink into her wishes.

I wasn’t nervous anymore.  I didn’t worry or even blush.  I only felt, tasted her lips, drank of them as she saw fit.

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