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DGG #20 Self Care

The reason for my long absence and how I’ve gotten through a rather difficult time in my life, with some orgasms and adventures thrown in.


Time Jumps (with fun links included)

1:07 Why I’ve been gone

4:46 the myth of the uber kinkster & uber poly girl

6:22 hook pulls

8:13 soothing activities

8:44 body painting

(1)  (2)  (3)  &  (4)

10:33 spinning poi

11:23 music

– My latest songs on repeat I Love This Shit & All The Time & Somebody Else

12:53 allowing myself to feel

14:06 the jealousy myth

16:26 allowing myself to grieve

17:40 vulnerability

18:54 allowing myself to orgasm

20:21 feeling joy again: my fisting at the queer orgy

22:08 my ‘come to Jesus’ cum: my first sybian ride

24:38 permission to be happy

25:17 time

27:00 wrap up

RopenSpace Pittsburgh, Eroticon, DO: Surrender & DC Grue


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