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“Up to anything today?”
“Working on school work.  What you up to?”
“Well it’s looking like I’m going to Ren Faire stag.  It’s the last possible day for me to go (out of town next weekend).”
“Oh, what time you going?”


I didn’t expect OKC boy to be free.  Even as I texted him, I remembered an earlier exchange where he mentioned being busy Sunday.  But I took a chance, and it just so happened to pay off.  We met on the grounds at 4:30pm.

He’d never been to Faire before, so I immediately when into tour guide mode, talking about everything we passed.

“What would you do normally?”
“Food and booze.  There is a tavern I like to start at which also happens to be near one of the major food areas.”

When we stepped up to the bar, I ordered my usual serendipity, cider and raspberry wine.  He asked to try to mead.  After a sip of a shot, he decided it would be his beverage.

“I’ll take a double.”

Two more sips in and he was already feeling the effects.

“I think I need food, like, now.”
“I can’t believe you ordered a double.”

I introduced him to the wonders of Scotch eggs, a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried (I know!), as well as his first turkey leg.

As we roamed around Faire, he marveled at all the shops.

“I’ve seen plenty of pictures from Faire, but they never show the shops, just the people.”

He admired all the outfits.

“If you can find a kilt and knee socks, I will buy them and wear them today.”

Alas, we had so much fun we never found his desired garb.

Instead we found ourselves in a conversation about movies.  The paper he was taking a break from was for his Understanding Movies class.  (Yup, it’s an actual class, and, from the way he’s described it, I want to take it.)

He asked me what my favorite movie was.  “Not just your normal answer.  What movie, no matter when it came on, or what mood you were in, this movie you would always watch.”

“Hmm.  Dodgeball.  You?”
“A Christmas Story.”
“I haven’t seen it.”

He gave me the side eye.

“Okay, I’ll tell you my other answer, and if you don’t know this movie I don’t know if we can be friends.  A Princess Bride.”
“Yes, of course I know A Princess Bride.  I love that movie.”

We talked about what we considered our bad movie: Dumb & Dumber for me, Dragonball Z for him.  Best visual effects: Pacific Rim for me, What Dreams May Come for him.  We talked about Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now and how it was related to Citizen Kane.  We ranted against M. Night Shyamalan’s bastardization of The Last Airbender.  We hard core geeked out and it was great.

In the middle of our fun, he took a quick selfie photo of the two of us.  And he kept reminding me to visit him after he moves.  He got a new job out-of-state, to start once the government opens back up.

Soon, though, it got dark; time to go.

We walked towards the front.  Right at the entrance gate, I held him back.

“The cannon goes off at 7pm; you’ll want to stay for that.”

I steered us towards the side.  He rubbed my shoulders, then put his hands on my hips.  He leaned against a post; I leaned into him.  He kissed me, his afternoon stubble scratchy against my face.

The cannon went off.

“That was worth the wait.”

He walked me to my car.  There was a brief conversation about his shirt.  (“What does it stand for?”  “It’s about vampires.”  “Really, cause that’s Rihanna.”  “Really?  Man, I liked this shirt.”)

And then he leaned in and kissed me again.  Longer this time.  His hands on my hip and ass.

“It’s dark enough I bet we could have sex and not get caught.”

He leaned in for another kiss.  This time his hand went down, slipped under the skirt of my dress, and easily found my clit.  I gasped as he rubbed it.

“And you’re not wearing underwear.  That’s not fair.”
“No, it’s not.”

I bid him goodnight with a gleeful smile.

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