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Her & Him

~ erotica ~

HER: I saw him from across the room.

HIM: I tried to not notice her gaze.

HER: I’d seen him play before.

HIM: I’d noticed her presence a few times.

HER: The women were always beautiful, always the most beautiful in the room.

HIM: I tried not to look at her.  She was just so striking.

HER: But tonight he lurked as I often did.  Standing on the fringes.  And watching… me?

HIM: But tonight I didn’t want to ignore her, didn’t want to pretend to not see her.  I wouldn’t look away.

HER: He moved towards me.  I didn’t know what I would say.

HIM: I went towards her.  Measured steps.  My usual gait.

HER: He came closer.  I didn’t know what to think.

HIM: A few footsteps from her skin.  Her frame.  I knew what I wanted, needed.  Those eyes.

HER: His eyes were locked on me.

HIM: Her gaze.  I wanted it to be mine, only mine, if only for a moment.

HER: He was a breath away; I couldn’t breathe.

HIM: My hand knew what I wanted before my mind could say.  Fingertips on her neck.  Pushing her back.  Two steps and she was against the wall.

HER: And then the thud of flesh to wood.  The exhale and surge of adrenalin.  Feeling his breath on my skin.

HIM: Her eyes stayed with me.  Her mouth open, begging me.  Her neck, soft flesh under my touch.

HER: His body so close to mine.  His heat a pulse away.  His hand on my neck.  And his lips, the mouth I wanted on mine.

HIM: I saw the flutter in her eyes.

HER: I felt the tingle in my muscles.

HIM: She slipped.

HER: I dropped a bit.

HIM: And then again.

HER: I held myself up as long as I could.

HIM: Her knees gave in.  I held her against the wall.

HER: His hands surrounding my face.  His knee in my crotch.  And my body reacting without my will.

HIM: The heat of her.  The smell.  I wanted a taste.

HER: Even as I floated midair, held by him, my muscles came back, moving in the ways I wanted but had dared not say.

HIM: She wanted me.  I felt it in her body.  Felt it as her muscles regained themselves.

HER: I had nowhere to hide.  Nowhere to run.  And, for once, I didn’t want to.

HIM: ‘Please’, she whispered.

HER: ‘Please’, I begged.

HIM: Please, for my kiss.

HER: Please, for his kiss.

HIM: I brought my face in close.

HER: His nose brushed my nostrils.

HIM: My cheek across her face.

HER: His stubble tickling my skin.

HIM: Breath against her mouth.

HER: His lips so near mine.

HIM: I grazed her lips.

HER: Please, oh god please.

HIM: But I stopped,  stepped back.  And then I…

HER: But then he stopped, stepped back.  And then he…

HIM & HER: walked away.

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