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~ a daydream ~


What does it say that even the mere whisper of your voice sends shivers up my body, tingling the hairs on the back of my neck, and flushing me hot all over?

What does it say when a simple message from you captures my attention, drawing me away from anything else about my day?  I read it, and re-read it over and over, trying to glean any meaning beyond the words on my screen.  What is your mood?  What do you wish of me?  What might I expect in my near future?

What does it say that I think upon you often?  Every other moment it seems.  Your face.  Your gait.  Your body.  Your voice.  The way you feel near me, next to me, gripping me tightly.  Your smell before bed, the sweat and stress of your day, the taste of your torments on your skin before my pleasures loll you to sleep.

What does it mean that I care for you as I do?  What am I thinking, having you in my life?  You’re dangerous, deceptive, never towards me but in your dealings.  To live with you is to invite your world into my own.  To lay with you each night is to play with a fire I have no way to control.  Do I truly understand what is means to be yours?  Do you understand what it means to have me?

What can I say, other than I love you?  What can I do, other than adore you?  How can I live without your scent, your touch, when all I crave each moment of each day is to be near you?  To feel you, fuck you, love you.

Who am I if not your lover?  Who are you if not my cherished one?

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