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Grateful, Naughty Edition

He noticed I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  That made me smile.

A few nights later, he fucked my face while praising my intelligence.  Oh.  So.  Hot.


They didn’t care that I was on my period.  They taped down a chuck and went on with the show.

For a moment, I was the center of attention.  I felt hot and sexy, washing away the shame I had around fucking while bleeding in a fun and playful romp.

The two of them are some of the best people I know.


Having me lie on top of him, pressing against him.  Being able to be around me, if only for a night.  He was happy to see me.  I was happy to have him in my home.


I don’t know if he’s kinky.

He’s green.  Very green.  He occasionally drops cringe-worthy comments.  (No, my pegging you is not me taking your virginity.  How many times have we fucked?)  He never really knows what he’s talking about.

I keep explaining.  He is learning.  And, until he gets it, until he knows if this is for him, the fucking and good conversations will do.


My year was full of amazing sex.

I attended fourteen events.  Fourteen; it’s hard to wrap my head around that.

I met new interesting people in new and interesting places.  I left pieces of myself as I went.

Looking back on my year, I can’t help but be grateful for every fuck.  Every fist.  Every kiss.  Each piece of rope.  Every piece of leather.  And each whiff of the sweet smell of cigar smoke.

To everyone who was a part of my sex life in 2013, an orgasm and a sigh at a time, I am so grateful for all of you.

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  1. he fucked my face while praising my intelligence
    This line is so amazing and so hot and I love it. I’ve already told three people about it