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Grateful, Nice Edition

I sat at the kitchen island, my latest Santa hat beginning to take shape.  As everyone began to form a circle, I put my project away, stood, and held hands with a brother on each side.  My older brother, in whose house we all stood, was on my right; he said the blessing.

After his prayer, I took up my seat at the island again.  My younger brother sat to my left.  A baskatball game played on the television above the counter across from us.  One of my nieces sat to my right.  We three waited patiently watching the game as our elders prepared their plates first.

Another relative sat at the end of the island feeding my great-nephew.  Until that moment, he’d been the tiny tornado causing all types of little kid trouble in the kitchen.  With food in his mouth, and soon filling in his belly, he had finally calmed down.

My older brother and his wife buzzed about the stove and serving tables making sure everyone was happy and getting well fed.

For the entirety of the Christmas family dinner, I had an at times awkward, but always grateful, smile on my face.


I can’t remember where I was when I got the email.  I only remember reading it and thinking, Really?  Really!?!  And a grin so huge it hurt sprung onto my face.

I know I screamed, though again I don’t remember where I was.  I don’t recall calling attention to myself in the act, so I was probably in my car.

It is one thing for friends to praise my writing.  I am grateful for every blog comment and link from another site I receive.  But there is a sweet satisfaction in an acceptance email from a publisher.

It may be just one story in one antholoy, but it is enough to keep me going, enough to keep me hopeful.


I’m not sure when my classmates realized it, but I do remember the first time I felt it.

It was the first day.  I sat front row in both my classes.  I’d already read the first chapter for each professor.  I’d already studied the elements my Chemistry professor recommended in her email, and I’d already taken notes for my Biology lecture.

From the first day, though I didn’t quite believe it, I felt like the know-it-all Nerd Girl again.

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