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Late Arrivals —

I showed up late to Gray’s Leather History class the Friday afternoon of Fusion. Unfortunately his presentation was at the same time as the Kinky Life Drawing Ion. I spoke with the person running the mini event. They were not sure if the people participating would like to stay after the allotted time. Hence no […]

Encounter —

~ erotica ~   “Does it include my name?” “No.” “Then post it.” I found myself wrapped up in thoughts of our encounter for days after it occurred. As I laid in bed at night, I’d dwelled on the memories. His hand on my face, my neck. Squeezing, just for a moment, then letting go. […]

A Slut and Her Sir —

~ erotica ~   “I missed you.” “I missed you too, Sir.” She kept her eyes downcast, but let the beginning of a smile creep to the edges of her lips. It had been far too long since a slut had seen her Sir. Too long since she’d smelled the earthy wonderful of his scent, […]

Reward —

My Friday at Fusion started early. Even though I got to bed around 3am, I woke up at 7am to go run an errand. Because of my previously mentioned flat tire, I ventured off campus, had two of my tires replaced, and returned to my bed around 8:45am. I managed a decent nap before the […]

Snack —

I stood in line with Gray, Naiia, and Amy, chatting about something to pass the time as the line slowly inched forward. It was midnight snack, open to everyone on campus. Diva, a wonderful woman who served the wonderful food, was a friend. Most all Fusion attendees can attest to the joy and necessity of […]

31 —

It started oddly. I woke up from a dream that wasn’t a nightmare but wasn’t at all pleasant. To call it odd would be generous. Thankfully, the images my subconscious dumped last night did not permeate throughout my day. When I checked my Twitter feed, I saw the day’s wishes had already started, even at […]

Ride —

I found myself in the same position Thursday night at Fusion as I had been some nine months previous with the same person in control of my fate, though under drastically different circumstances. The last time I had seen Malacro was at the last Summer Camp. I was grieving the recent loss of my father, […]

Words —

I approached his cabin slowly. It had been drizzling off and on during the day, so I carried my borrowed umbrella, resting it on my right shoulder. As I stepped up to his porch, he saw me and gave me one of his wry smiles. “Hello Poetic.” I stood patiently at the bottom step and […]

Day Pass —

It felt like a rollercoaster going 70mph, and I am just now stepping off. The plan came together quickly and quite out of the blue. I was hanging out with EmberBliss, FireMonkey, and IPCookieMonster when the Open Space at TESFest was mentioned. It was occurring on Thursday July 3rd, the first day of the event, along […]

Elevated —

~ a dream ~   “Do you feel that vibration?” “Your heart rate is…” He sat next to me on the barstool in the small open air cantina. Our drinks, like us, were sweating in the heat. My left arm touched his right. His eyes were forward. Mine were glued to his phone. I could […]