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“It is a rare beauty that can keep her fairness whilst drenching her face in tears.”

Angelica gasped, and grasped the letter she’d been reading to her chest, while turning to look at her intruder.

“How long have you been standing there?”

A wicked smile emerged on his face. Angelica folded the parchment and hid the private missive on her person.

“Long enough to know that’s not a letter from your husband.”

Angelica had thought she was alone. She’d heard no noises, save the music and shouts from the nearby party, for the past ten minutes. Needing a break from the revelry, she had slipped away to the garden, her private, cool, quiet oasis, and sat on a stone bench at its central pond.

Well, it had been quiet, until trouble crept up on her.

“Your accent; are you from the colonies?” she asked. He gave a sweeping bow, his bejeweled cane glittering even in the dim light.

“Indeed, my lady. Thomas Jefferson, at your service.”

“Huh, as if you know the meaning of the word.”

She knew the man by his writings and stories overheard when no one noticed her listening. Still, everything about him screamed his station: the clothes, the posture, the adornment, and even the lips. He puckered them and held them, accentuating his mouth so that each word he spoke drew in your eye. She made herself look away. A glance was enough to know him.

“Always calculating, always analyzing. My lady, your reputation is more than accurate.”

“As is yours, Ambassador, so let me squelch any hopes you harbored about the extent of our interaction today. I am neither a servant nor a slave salivating to please you. And my husband requires no assistance for you to offer. Therefore, what do you want?”

“So quick witted, and straight to the point. I love it when my expectations are fulfilled.”

Like a hunting cat, he stalked over and sat next to her, placing his bejeweled walking stick on the ground. He leaned towards her, his left hand grazing her right, which darted away at his touch. Even with the rebuttal, his smile never left his face.

“And what could you have expected, Ambassador, except for my contempt. Galavanting overseas while others bleed for a country you’ve not seen since some adults now were nary up to your knees last you caught a ferry across the sea.”

“Verbal volleys with every vowel and consonant conjured. Am I making you nervous?”

Like a breeze, he swept up, turned, and sat on her other side, now closer to her. Angelica turned away, stood up, and walked towards the central pond.

“Why won’t you look at me, my lady?”

“I’ve seen all I need to of the predator hunting his prey, especially since I will not be caught. State your case or leave with what you’ve got: the annoyance earned of a fair lady.”

“Very well. I am told you counsel one I am to work with soon, an immigrant who’s got the ear of the President and a lot of ideas he’s pushing the Congress to approve. Tell me, what is your lover like?”

“Alexander is my brother-in-law.”

“I think you mean kissing cousin.”

“I think I’ve heard enough from you.”

Angelica gripped her skirts and began to stomp off.

“My lady.” Jefferson leapt up, grabbing her arm. His prey stared daggers into his eyes.

“As if you know the meaning of those words.”

“Simply answer a few questions.”

“Simply remove your hand from my person before I scream.”

“I only want.” Angelica inhaled and opened her mouth wide. “Wait!”

Thomas covered her mouth and dragged her towards the back of a nearby thick tree. Angelica protested, flailing her limbs about and biting his hand. Thomas bit back a cry of pain. Once behind the tree, he looked about, making sure no one saw his scurrying her away.

“Please, please. Stop yelling. Fuck, stop biting my hand. If you stop yelling, and biting, I’ll let you go.”

“I don’t believe you,” she said through the sound guard of his hand.

“I only want to talk.”

“About?” asked Angelica as a muffled one question word.

“Talk to me about him, Hamilton, and we’ll both pretend this never happened.”

Angelica thought, then nodded her agreement. Thomas removed his hand.

“Know this,” she began. “I will get satisfaction for the grievances you have caused me. We’ll negotiate the time, place, and circumstances at some later date. And if you ever try this again, I will let everyone know just how much of a scoundrel you are. I suspect they’ll love adorning your head upon a pike when I give them the juicy details of how you attempted to violate my honor.”

“My lady.”

“Keep those words out of your mouth. They are filth coming from you. Ask your questions and let us be done with this matter.” Thomas took a deep breath composing himself.

“Shall we sit again?” He gestured towards the grass beneath them. Angelica nodded. Thomas removed his jacket and laid it on the ground.

“Thank you,” said Angelica. They both sat down. “What do you want to know?”

“Simply this: What drives Hamilton? I know he grew up poor. It is simply money he wants?”

“No, though like all men he would like a certain level of wealth. Alexander wants to succeed, needs to in fact. I fear my sister may be a sacrifice he one day makes to reach his highest goals. But he wants to lead, to make the colonies better, to prove he is worthy of the renown he now receives. He knows his intelligence is what is needed in our fledgling country. I believe it to be so, as well. He wants to rise above his social station, to earn honor and respect in the eyes of those around him. Now, is that all?”

“One more thing: Before you left, how long were you two sleeping together?”

Angelica slapped Thomas, the crack from the impact as sharp as his accusation.

“So you never consummated your affair?”

Angelica went for her assault again, but this time Thomas caught her wrist.

“I know love when I see it, my lady.”

“You know nothing, my kind Sir.” Angelica spoke through gritted teeth. “I’ve already left an impression of my bite on your hand. Are you want to leave bruises on my wrist from your manhandling, too.”

“I’m apt to do much more than that. I am more perceptive than you give me credit for, my lady. I noticed the tension in your body when I first announced myself, which could’ve been dismissed as your being startled. I noticed it again when I sat next to you the first and second time, which could have been your annoyance with me. I am much to handle. But I noticed it yet again as you spoke to me, slapped me, and when you tried to execute your assault for a second time. Is the lady unfulfilled in her marriage? Is the lady actually admiring of my reputation? Did she hope something less than ladylike would…come from this conversation?”

Angelica’s eyes narrowed.

“You are filthier than the mud beneath our feet.”

“And you can’t stop looking at my lips.” Thomas licked his lips, and watched her watching him do so. The tension in her muscles increased. “What would you have me do with them, my lady? Ask it, and it shall be fulfilled. Merely, ask well.”

This time it was Angelica who donned the devilish grin.

“A kiss, sweet aristocratic prince?” Thomas leaned in closer. Angelica raised her free hand and ceased his advance with her index and middle fingers. “No. No. Not these lips.” She dipped her gaze down. His eyes followed. “But those.” Thomas bit his lower lip and began panting. “Are you hungry, Ambassador?”


His hands slid up her legs, raising her skirts, and slipped her bloomers down to her knees. He smelled her sex, and felt the growing pressure in his slacks.

“Have you ever serviced a woman before, Ambassador?”

“I’ve been carefully taught, my lady. I can assure you my services will be to your liking.”

“I’ll believe your bluster when…Fuck!”

She gasped, moaned, and craned her head back as Thomas’ mouth massaged her sex.

“Oh god in heaven. You sweet merciful shitbag, don’t stop.”

She gripped his hair and pulled his lips more onto her cunt. Her hips bucked, riding his face.

“Those fucking lips.”

She wished she were not who she was, wished he were not who he was. But, mostly, she wished she were not wearing so many layers.

Angelica’s hand fumbled, reaching inside her shirt, and found an erect nipple to pinch. She breathed expletives as he continued enjoying her sweetness.

Thomas licked, flicked, sucked, and fucked her with his tongue. She tasted of strawberries and silk, drenching his facial hair with her essence. He gave long languishing laps, then grasped her clit with his lips.


She tried to squeeze her thighs against the sides of his head, writhing her entire body on the grass. He gripped her thighs, digging into her flesh, sure he would bruise her yet again, gifts for her to remember him in the coming days.

Her screams grew, almost to where he wondered if they would be found. She shivered, shook, and pulled at his hair even harder, but he would not stop until finally she collapsed, sweaty and panting on his coat. Only then did he come up for fresh air, bringing his face to hers.

“You taste so good, my lady.” She could smell herself on him, felt the bulge in his pants pressed against her sex. She grabbed his face and pulled his lips towards her on, violently darted her tongue into his mouth. He parried, matching her tongue stroke for stroke while pressing his desire against her still throbbing clit. Finished, she pushed him away.

“Your right, Sir. I do.”

She gathered her skirts and stood up over him, swaying slightly in her sexual exhaustion.

“At least I know you are not completely full of lies and shit. Goodnight Ambassador.” She turned and began to walk away.

“Goodnight, my dear Angelica. Until the next soiree.”

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