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2.14 Long Overdue —

Apologies for the delay in posting this. Here is my Gender Studies 101 paper in which I analyze the portrayal of gender in Hamilton: An American Musical. This is my paper in full, including the works cited page, and my typos; as a reminder, because I am a nerd, I earned an A. I figured, for a […]

2.2 Because The Internet —

~ a poem ~ Can music make love to you? Fuck you through the speaker? Caress you via sound waves? When I listen to him, I feel his hands on me, his lips on mine, his dick inside of me. We modulate rough or slow, sensuous and deep, fast and frenetic based on the song. […]

2.1.17 That Boy —

~ a poem ~ I still remember a lot of things about that boy. His ass. My god his ass. He was in the best shape, and he had an ass I wanted to bite. But he wasn’t into that, though. The sex, when we had it, was amazing. We fucked on the floor, on […]

1.31.17 Family —

My Uncle is in the hospital. My Mom is handling it as best she can. I just got the phone call tonight. I could hear in her voice before she explained the situation how bad it was. He’s in a lot of pain. My Uncle and I have never gotten along. We are the antithesis […]

1.30.17 Missed Call —

So, I wrote a script for myself for a phone call I was going to make to my governor’s office concerning the Executive Order banning immigrants, refugees, and green cards holders from seven majority Muslim countries. When I went to look up my friend’s original Facebook post with the office’s phone number, I found a […]

1.29.17 Reparations —

With every drink, every bite of food, and every alien slaughtered, one thing was on my mind: REPARATIONS, bitch. Some background. I make a point to go to at least one company holiday party every year. As I’ve mentioned before, all the companies I work for are owned by white men. (Side Note: This just […]

1.28.17 Emotional Echo Chamber —

Saturday night was not good for me. First I drove my longest Uber drive thus far: Dulles Airport to the northern tip of Delaware, 122 miles in two hours and ten minutes. When I finished my ride, I turned on NPR. That’s when I learned the shit had hit the fan (and why security seemed […]