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3.18.17 Triad_01

~ a story, in many parts ~

We fit together,
three souls connected,
entwined by magic,
four hearts beating between us.
We are destined to live,
love, die,
and live once more,
finding each other
over and over
and over again.


I eased the door closed and stripped down to my underwear before crawling into bed with them. It was the first time in a long time that I got home after they’d gone to sleep.

Shadow slept on the right, Echo on the left. I climbed up the middle, pealed the covers back, and slid in between them.

Eyes still closed, their hands found me. Echo reached for my hips and pulled my ass into his crotch. His teeth sunk into my shoulder, his growl escaping my flesh. Shadow found my hair and nestled his face against my cheek. He kissed me softly; my gasp from Echo’s bite slipped into Shadow’s mouth.

Our bodies undulated together, nestling into one another. Our legs mingled. We murmured soft hums as we settled into each other for the night.

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