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3.27.18 03 Detoxed —

I’m glad we fucked before we got drinks. I am always tense around him before sex. I keep wondering if it will happen, worrying about how I look, what I say. Am I witty enough? Fun enough? Worthy of his cock inside me? All of this is silly shit, yet I can’t help the thoughts […]

3.27.18 02 Dick Drunk —

The thoughts that run through my brain after I spend time with Gent vacillate so highly as to be comical. I am not proud of the words I wrote post seeing him last Sunday afternoon, but that’s where my brain was: dick drunk on him. Therefore I present this blog now eight days later with […]

3.27.18 01 Unfinished —

I wrote this rough draft back in January shortly after returning from winter break. I never finished it, but want to post it anyway for completeness sake. Also this series of three posts will be my last ones about Gent for a very long time, so I want to capture as many of those memories […]