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Overcoming Inadequacy

Little dicks are not inherently a problem.  They are simply genetics.  Those who have penises have no control over how short or long, small or large they are.  However, knowing what you are working with should motivate your actions in bed.

Thus I ended up having an okay time with a guy who had a small dick.  Maybe five inches.  Girth was okay.

It was long enough that when he did put it inside of me, it hit my G-spot just so.  The width was enough to feel it (yup, I’ve had ones I could just barely notice).  And he knew what positions maximized his efforts.

But the thing that made the evening most worthwhile was his openness to toys.  I brought my masturbation bag with me just in case.  And thank God I did.  It had two dildos, more condoms, gloves, lube, and other fun accoutrement that we didn’t get to but possibly in the future could try.

When I showed him all the fun things I’d brought, he immediately picked up the larger of the two dildos and was more than happy to use it on me.

There was oral, 69, pounding of the dildo into my hole, dirty talk, biting, and the best rim job I’ve ever had.  Note: I didn’t know I liked my asshole licked, but FUCK YES I love that shit.

He was sweet, constantly saying how beautiful I am and loving to cuddle in between fucking and sucking sessions.

He let me sleep over, though the thrashing of his body throughout the night made rest hard to grasp.

He’s a smoker, so my throat is not so happy.  Clothes were immediately placed in the hamper once I got home, and hair will be washed as soon as I’m finished this blog.

All-in-all, though, an enjoyable evening.

Grade: B-

6.20.2019 Overcoming Inadequacy

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