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Birthday Sex

“I’ve had my dick inside your asshole. I can watch you pee.”

Kourt came by to see me for my birthday. We couldn’t arrange anything for the actual day of because of work but a few days after still worked.

“Should I bring anything?”
“Besides condoms… nope.”

As it neared closer to his arrival time, I found myself nervously cleaning. Yes, he had already seen my apartment but this was two weeks and zero downtime later. He texted as I was scrubbing in the kitchen. I took a breath, threw away the Clorox wipe, and scurried down to the lobby.

He sat relaxed in a comfy chair across from the elevator. We hugged in greeting and I escorted him up.

As we walked in the hallway towards my door, I kept trying to stay next to him but he kept falling back. Then I realized it was the dress: medium grey, ample cleavage, and tight in all the right places.

I had brewed coffee right before he texted. When we walked into my apartment, I offered him a cup. He politely declined. I began to doctor my drink when I felt his hand inch up the hem of my dress.

“Damn, that ass.”

He leaned in and began kissing me. I held the measuring spoon set and box of sugar in the air as our lips danced.  Kourt is a good kisser.

“Go ahead. I’ll let you finish making your drink.”

He smacked my ass and then stepped back. Cup of coffee in hand, I turned and saw his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. A casual glance at his boxers told me he was quite hard. I gestured for us to sit on the couch.

I curled up beside him and started chatting. Occasionally, he would reach down and stroke himself through the fabric of his underwear as we talked. It was the best kind of distracting.

Halfway into my cup of coffee, about seven to ten minutes of talking, he spread my legs and looked down. 

“Your pussy is so pretty.”

He leaned down between my legs and began to kiss, and then lick, at my clit.

“You are so wet already.”
“It is my superpower.”

I moaned as he savored me more, one leg up on the coffee table to give him better access, my cup in my left hand floating in the air, my right hand stroking his locs.

“I should let you finish your coffee.”
“I do not care about my coffee.”

He got on his knees in between my legs and ate me out as I lounged on my couch. This was the first time I had fucked on said couch.

He stopped, kissed me. I tasted myself on his lips.
“I think we should move to the bedroom.”
“Yes, we should.” 

He began taking off his clothes in the livingroom and allowing each article to fall to the floor. I lifted my dress over my head.

“My god, your ass is fucking gorgeous.”

I unhooked my bra as I walked backwards, smiling in his direction. He grabbed the box of condoms from the counter and followed me.

“Lights on or off?”
“Whatever you like.”

I clicked on a lamp with a soft glow. He sat on the edge of my bed, legs spread open. I got on my knees and began to lick and lap up his cock. This time it was his turn to moan.

“I love it when you suck my dick.”
“I love sucking your dick. It’s fun.”
“God, I want to fuck your face.”
“I want you to fuck my face.”

“Do you want to 69?”
“I would love that.”

He climbed on the bed. I climbed on top of him. I rolled my hips and ground my clit onto his lips. He thrust up as I sucked his cock, lapped at his balls and perineum. I came with his cock down my throat.

“I want my dick inside your pussy.”
“I want your dick in my pussy.”

He momentarily struggled to unwrap the plastic surrounding the box of condoms before literally riping it open with his teeth. He sheathed himself and then turned his attention to me.

“I want you right here from behind so I can look at that ass. Fuck, you are so beautiful.”

He slid inside me. I came undone. 

“Such a good girl, taking all this dick. How does it feel to have all this dick?”
“Oh god, you feel so good. How the fuck do you feel so good? Your dick is fucking heaven.”

After he came, tearing off the condom so he could paint my back, we lounged on my bed for a few minutes. I lazily circled my finger around his nipple.

“Why does that feel so good?”
“Hmm, maybe nipples are your cheat code too.”
“I’m getting hard again.”
“Yeah, maybe that’s my superpower. I’ve gotten hard five times already today.”
“Eh, is that a lot?”

Somehow we ended up back on my couch, this time both of us naked. He stretched out both arms and legs, his gorgeous dick half hard and on display. We chatted about his recent vacation with the Mrs. and the fun things they did together. He spoke about being adrift at work. I asked him what he wanted from this part of the conversation. He said he just wanted me to listen, so I did. 

He then leaned over and began to suck on one of my nipples. I stood up and flipped myself around on the couch, and sat on my knees to give him a better angle. He reached his right hand down to stroke himself as he sucked one and then the other.

“Can I get some lube? I want to stroke myself right.”

I flitted into my bedroom and brought out my favorite lube, a gift from one of my kinky friends. He dipped his hand into the soft buttery lube, then stroked himself anew. I sat again on my knees, raised my nipple to his mouth, and cradled his head as he sucked back and forth. I nibbled on his ear, sucked on his neck.

“No hickies please.”
“Okay, but I like them on me.”

His left hand gripped my ass, then ventured towards my asshole.

“Can I put my fingers in your ass?”
“Yes, I want your fingers in my ass.”

After some more lube, he slipped one, and then two digits, inside me.

“Your asshole is so tight.”

He kept sucking on my nipples. I started rocking my ass back onto his hand.

“You can fuck me in my ass. You can fuck me in every hole. If you do, I’ll be wet and dripping.”

“Get on your knees on the floor. I want to look at your ass while I stroke myself.”

He pushed my coffee table back to make room. I sat in child’s pose in front of him. He stroked his dick across my ass cheeks. I began grinding my ass into the base of his shaft and balls.

“Please fuck me in my ass. I want you to.”

He smoothed lube over his cock and pressed every so slightly against my entrance.

“Go slow. Please, go slow.”

He pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed. Slowly, he eased into me. I let out a guttural moan into the floor.

“Pause, please pause. Go in and just stay there.”

He did. I acclimated to his girth, and then slowly he began to ease out a little, and then back in, and shortly thereafter I was bouncing my ass on his cock as my pussy and my nipples throbbed. I teetered back and forth between pleasure and pain, cursing and moaning like some feral thing. I felt raw and fantastical and beaming and bubbling with orgasmic energy. 

“Fuck, I’m about to cum.”
“Cum inside my asshole. I don’t care.”

He came while deep inside, then pulled out slowly. He grabbed a tissue from the side table and cleaned me up. I flopped onto the floor, spent.

“Fuck, that was amazing. You should go clean up in the bathroom, though.”

He used my restroom, door open. I got up from the floor, then anxiously danced outside of the restroom.

“You can come pee. It’s alright.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to be impolite.”
“I’ve had my dick inside your asshole. I can watch you pee.”
“Thank you.”

Again, we found ourselves on my couch, naked and chatting. That was when I realized my livingroom blinds had been open the whole time. I looked up at the balcony across the courtyard and one floor above me. Someone was holding their drape back but I couldn’t see their face or form.

“We have an audience.”
“Maybe I am an exhibitionist,” Kourt mused. 

“I have to go soon.”
“Wanna have one more quickie?”
“You’re so fucking cute.”

Again, we were back in my bedroom.

“I’m gonna to fuck you really hard.”
“I would love that.”

We started off the bed, my body bent over and splayed across the mattress.

“Yes baby, twerk on my dick. Ride it just like that.”

On the bed, he flipped me this way and that. He kept slipping out and then needed more lube.

“Shit, the condom broke.” 

He threw it away, grabbed and put on another. Climbed back onto the bed, slid into me, and laid his body against mine. I held tight, arms and legs encircling him. He kissed me and fucked me close as I moaned “yes” over and over into his ear until he came.

Spent, he flopped over onto the bed.

“How was that?”
“You were excellent. Best birthday present ever.”
“Good good. We are always open to customer feedback and welcome reviews.”

I picked up the covers and wiped away the thick sheen of sweat on his back.

“Thank you for that.”
“That was not a quickie. You’re going to be late.”
“Eh, I’m a grown ass man.”
“I’ll get you a washcloth and a towel.”

Just as before, as he cleaned up, I stayed naked and bounced about in my apartment. And he kept coming back to my ass. He passed by me, kissed me, and smacked my ass more than once.

“Do you want to take the condoms? Or should I keep them.”

I kept the box.

“Do you want your hair tie?” He picked it up from my bathroom counter and secured his short locs back.  

“Okay, gotta go.” He kissed me again, rubbed and smacked my ass again, looked down and then back up at me. “Damn.”

We said bye as he walked out the door. I turned around and saw he’d left his vitamin water. I grabbed the bottle, opened the door, and peaked my head into the hallway.

“You forgot your water.” He walked back down, took the water and the opportunity to kiss me again and smack my ass again and, for a split second, comtemplate fucking me fast again.

He walked away with a huge smile on his face.

I stripped and remade the bed, bathed, masturbated to the memories of our fucking, and then took a nap.

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