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Swordfighter makes me smile. 

He likes to randomly text me that he’s thinking of me or is checking up on how I’m doing because my job is insane. Every message is a reminder of my desire to get back to him.

I have been reluctant at times to talk about him or bring him up to people. Happiness makes me nervous. Old doubts and fears creep up, worry that what is now glee could turn ghastly sooner than I think. But in those moments I remind myself past is not necessarily prologue. And I like this man. I really REALLY like this man.

Recently my work schedule for the rest of the year dropped. And my first thought, as soon as I saw the email subject was, “Finally, we can schedule.” I’ve held out on scheduling our next meetup because my time off was a mystery after the end of this month.

Right before Happy Hour this evening, I texted. 

Schedule just dropped! Can we setup a call to schedule visits?

That last “s” was more important than I realized.

Yeah! Let’s do Sunday? Unless you have a few minutes now lol

I have a sec now.

I called. 

We chatted a little. He’s applying for a mostly remote job (preferred for him). His cats were being cute in the background, as always. 

But then, it was down to brass tax. 

First, there was May, a TBD weekend depending on how his upcoming interview goes. 

Next, June and the weekend before the crush of my job set back in. I’m going to be a fourth year; I still can’t wrap my head around it.

Then July, and BlerdCon, where this all started. If he can swing it, he’ll share a room with me and another of my friends for the event. 

Next August, for my house warming (that is three years late). 

And September, as I already have a set Renn Faire day with a friend who ever only goes once a season, so he’ll be with me for that weekend too. 

And before we knew it, we’d planned out five dates (once a month through the summer into the fall) and I can’t help but be elated. I’m downright giddy, actually. I smiling so hard, my face hurt.

So much time with Swordfighter. I actually might get to see him fight with his swords during a visit. 

Yeah, I really like this boy.

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