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A Love Abduction —

There was lots of water for everyone; we all were sweaty and exhausted. I slumped over, chugging a bottle, and then another. Even with all my screaming (the scene had lasted about an hour and there were few times when I was silent), my voice was not hoarse. I’d never pushed my voice that long […]

Abduction part 5 —

My abduction had a special guest. They walked into my line-of-sight after all my limbs were restrained, somewhere in the middle of my pain. I hadn’t heard their voice before then either. They wore beautiful boots, black with red trim and buckles at the top. They used those boots to step on my stomach. They […]

Abduction part 4 —

Lying on my back, I was now completely naked. They pulled off all remaining pieces of fabric of my tattered dress, as well as slipped the strap of my Hello Kitty bag over my head. CandleLover held my left arm. Cannonball gripped my right arm. My back rested on their thighs. Murphy was on my […]

Abduction part 3 —

“Whatever someone has done to you, they can do it again.”“Oh shit.”With my knowledge that Gray was indeed a part of my abduction team, the possibilities for pain, restraints, and all kinds of meanness increased exponentially. My level of dread for what was to come skyrocketed. As the truck traveled, we passed over the uneven […]

Abduction part 2 —

Big Bro had cradled my head and neck as he tackled me and we went down to the ground. Very quickly, a hood was over my head. My Hello Kitty bag was still slung over my shoulder, lying somewhere on the ground, as they pulled my arms back and secured them with manacles. “Ah, glasses […]

Abduction part 1 —

I had a feeling… When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew from that breath on my abduction could happen at any moment. After a quick shower, I donned my purple and black dress, as well as my purple flats, and headed down towards the Pavilion. I was to demo bottom during the first class […]

His Plan —

Having spoken to N3rddom A LOT about my abduction, as well as having sent him an email detailing my thoughts on the scene, he set out to contact and organize my would-be captors. After his initial inquiry, the following is the message he sent them.Subject: Abduction of Poetic Desires Details I have talked with Kristen […]

My Thoughts —

Going into Fusion, I knew I wanted an abduction.  I had previously attempted one at the last Fusion, but instead called off the scene.  For this year, I chose my friend N3rddom to organize and coordinate the affair with my approved captors to make this scene happen. As part of the process, N3rddom asked me to send […]