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I’m A Slut —

Today I was a slut. I am a slut everyday, but today was a magnificent day to be a slut. Attending our local Renaissance Festival, I donned garb befitting the occasion: a black wrap dress with ample cleavage shown, a chain mail diadem atop my mound of curls, black tights (for I knew it would […]

A Prickly Affair —

~ Sunday night at The Floating World ~I saw him walking through the Dungeon dragging his kit behind him. I popped up from the floor, leaving my things behind, and walked towards him.He looked left, outstretched his arm, and extended his index finger towards me.“Well, I guess I’m getting needles then.” Amethyst followed close behind […]

My Bootblacking Shift —

Because of Friday night’s storm, there was some confusion and a handful of things not going as planned at camp. The Pamporium was up and running though, albeit without hot wax, so I made my way over after lunch, a host of much needed calories after my abduction, in hopes of working my bootblacking shifts. […]

Tradition —

I pulled my gold fabric up over my ass, opting to not remove my toga. I had intricately placed my two pieces of long fabric and didn’t want to try to rearrange them. My diadem stayed put fine. My sandals and chainmail belt were not an issue. My golden wing earrings dangled from my ears. […]

Practice —

I was nervous. Incredibly nervous. We chose a point out in the open, with everyone able to see me. We chose a point over concrete. If she fell and hit her head… We chose a point outside, with the Sun on a downward path. I was nervous. But Amethyst was my Big Sis, which both […]

Three Moments —

1) “Do you know how to coil rigging rope?”Do I know how to coil rope? Hmm…One of my projects at work today was, simply, to coil rope. But not just any rope. 3/4 inch braided black nylon, with a blue accent. Two coils. 150′ in length, each. They sat on the warehouse’s concrete floor, two […]

Pretty Pincushion —

“Oh you’re easy.”“So I’ve been told.” It felt like I was moving through water. It felt like new… fuller… a dull electricity. Touching my hands as I slowly lifted them to my face. Touching my chin as I rested my head on my hands. Everything was slower. I swayed, as if I were floating in […]