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Drunk Blogging —

[FYI: I’m writing this while tipsy.  My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors.  Yes, even when I’m tipsy, I worry about these things.] I was going to name this blog ‘Size Queen’ but since I’m tipsy, I wanted to keep up with the drunk blogging tradition.  I publish about one or two of these […]

Remembering You —

~ erotica ~ My thoughts turn to you in the most mundane of moments. Rising from the sofa, arms extended, stretching my muscles.  My shirt lifts, air kissing my stomach, and I feel your hands on my sides.  Your lips on my belly button.  Your grip pulling my flesh closer to you. Driving on the […]

A Visit —

If it is ok with you, I would like to crash with you Friday night.   Originally I didn’t plan to go to Hot House.  It was scheduled for a Saturday evening, typically a night I work.  In fact, I had scheduled a ten hour shift for that very night.  But more than one friend […]

Lessons —

I was driving.  Gray sat in the passenger seat.  I don’t remember how we got on the topic.  Probably one of my random non sequiturs. “The thing is, I have this harness now.  But.  But.  It makes me nervous.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.” “Don’t you have experience with a strap-on?” “Just strap-on blow […]

Penetrated —

~ erotica ~ “Turn your ass towards the camera.” She did as she was told. “Spread your cheeks. Wider. I want to see your asshole before I fill it.” She didn’t like this angle. She wanted to see her Master, glimpse his face on the screen as he ordered her around. Still, she always did […]

Kidnapped —

~ erotica ~{Trigger Warning: This is a rape fantasy.} I carried my backpack over my shoulder, beleaguered from my long day and night’s work. Though there were few contents, it still felt heavy, weighing me down as I tried to walk home. I knew this path, this way I took every day or night. My […]

Would Have —

~ erotica ~I would have fucked you. I wanted to fuck you. I thought about it all day. Thought about it as we walked, talked, laughed ate. I thought about fucking you in my bed. On the couch. Rolling around on the floor. In the shower, trying to not slip and fall. Against the wall, […]

Good Boy —

~ erotica ~ Everyone was on the floor. He sat cross-legged in front of me. My crotch nuzzled up to his tight little ass, my legs laying lazily on the carpeted ground. My chin rested on his shoulder. We watched the small intimate show, cheering on our friend who was dancing. But I wanted a […]

My Piggy —

~ erotica ~When my piggy opened the door, it was wearing just what I always wanted, merely it in white cotton underware and nothing else.“Hello piggy.”“Good evening Mistress.”My piggy stepped back, head down, waiting for me to enter it’s home. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.The room was as I liked it: […]