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Confirmation —

“You’ve lost weight.” – Murphy, with a smile, after our second hug of Shibaricon “Well either you’re still exercising or you’ve seriously decreased your calories.” – Slut, on our way to registration “Where have you gone? You’re disappearing… Well, not all of you is gone.” – Gray, sliding his hand around my stomach, then ending […]

The Opposite Of Progress —

“Does that work?”“Yeah, you just have to kick it.” I saw the scale on the floor of the warehouse, and thought, Why not? I should have just kept walking. Then again, maybe I’m better off knowing for sure. It was as I expected; not good. Two weeks of vacation. The busy season kicking in. Stressing […]

Results —

I started as normal, tying a harness around my chest. People looked on, friendly heckling as they liked. Music was playing, so I danced a bit as I continued to tie. I moved on to my hip harness, winding my rope thrice around my middle. I attached to the bands on my hip, and wove […]

Something New —

Today I started something hard. Get your mind out of the gutter; this is not one of those posts. It was difficult, challenging, but I felt great afterwards, and feel it will be worthwhile, if I can get myself to continue. This morning, I woke up at 6:30am, put on my sneakers, and got on […]