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Bravery Accomplished —

“Ah… fuck me!” When my alarm woke me up from my nap, I was grumpy. For a moment, I didn’t remember where I was. For a moment, all I knew was that I wanted to go back to sleep. And then I remembered I was at Shibaricon. And then I remembered I was going to […]

Narnia —

Narnia. They made me scream Narnia instead of their names or any preferred curse word while I came. Narnia. PrudeNate had his fist inside me as N3rddom held a Hitachi Magic Wand to my clit, and all the while I am screaming. Narnia. Seriously. Would this be an example of humiliation play? Friday night was […]

Bound By Burn —

~erotica~ I knelt before him, clothed in only a tank top and panties. The wet grass under my knees and feet was cool, a small breeze giving a slight chill to the air. He sat on the stairs of his wooden deck, his right boot the closest part of his body to me. When I […]

Scotty’s Boots —

My Last Night: Scotty’s Boots Back inside The Naked House, we all settled in the living room. I placed my bootblacking kit on the floor by a comfy chair in the corner.  Who was to be first? Unfortunately, Scotty had to leave in about forty-five minutes. It was a school night. Scotty sat in my […]

IMsL, By The Numbers —

Outfits worn: 8 Hours slept: PLENTY Cliff bars consumed: 2 Bananas: 3 Chinese food: just once Bacon cheddar BBQ burger: just once Items purchased: 5 – Two rope books, a small flogger, a wrist cuff, & a silent auction Twisted Monk 50′ 8mm red hemp rope Items lost: 2 – my black hat & my […]

Cigars —

My Last Night: CigarsAs we adjourned to the back yard, I carried in tow my bootblacking kit, my cigar travel kit, one of my notebooks, some dark chocolate, and my water bottle. My haul was precarious, but I managed to balance my items in a tall tower and land the the structure gently on the […]

Boots —

I started his bootblacking like I had many times before. Lightly lifting his right boot onto my thigh. Cleaning it twice. Scrubbing the catwalk with a toothbrush. Checking for frayed threads to singe down. He, however, decided to not treat me as he had before. He lifted his left boot and placed it on my […]

Warm Up —

We found a spot by the far wall of the dungeon. There was no equipment, but there was enough room for a chair for him to sit on. He grabbed a seat while I ran to my room for my kit. When I returned, he sat there, waiting. In front of him was a yoga […]

Jim —

I wore my boots because I knew he’d like it. I wore my gray and black Delicious dress because it hugged my curves just right, making me feel sexy. I ran to meet him because I was running late. Once again music requirements made my evening’s start hectic. I was to meet Jim at the bootblacking […]

Playful —

After Jim’s bootblacking, I looked at my phone. It wasn’t quite time for my next play date; I was to black MrBlackBeard’s boots. I ventured up to a cocktail hour for Amethyst’s birthday. There I found DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch relaxing with our friends. I sipped on my Sparx and eased into socializing with my folk. […]