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Reward —

My Friday at Fusion started early. Even though I got to bed around 3am, I woke up at 7am to go run an errand. Because of my previously mentioned flat tire, I ventured off campus, had two of my tires replaced, and returned to my bed around 8:45am. I managed a decent nap before the […]

Snack —

I stood in line with Gray, Naiia, and Amy, chatting about something to pass the time as the line slowly inched forward. It was midnight snack, open to everyone on campus. Diva, a wonderful woman who served the wonderful food, was a friend. Most all Fusion attendees can attest to the joy and necessity of […]

Words —

I approached his cabin slowly. It had been drizzling off and on during the day, so I carried my borrowed umbrella, resting it on my right shoulder. As I stepped up to his porch, he saw me and gave me one of his wry smiles. “Hello Poetic.” I stood patiently at the bottom step and […]

Day Pass —

It felt like a rollercoaster going 70mph, and I am just now stepping off. The plan came together quickly and quite out of the blue. I was hanging out with EmberBliss, FireMonkey, and IPCookieMonster when the Open Space at TESFest was mentioned. It was occurring on Thursday July 3rd, the first day of the event, along […]

DGG #19 Fusion 2013 pt 5 —

The final installment of my Fusion adventure. Picture Links Pose #1 Pose #2 Time Jumps 1:40 Tradition 2:24 Uncensored Improv Games 3:26 Kinky Life Drawing 6:00 Humiliation 8:17 Bare Stories 10:37 Back Patch 11:27 CBC 13:40 In Demand 15:27 Stefanos 16:44 Another Rain Check 18:10 Wrap Up     listen to ‘019_DGG Fusion 2013 pt […]

DGG #15 Fusion 2013 pt 4 —

The pitter patter of rain fills the background as I chat more about my Fusion adventure (during a break in the middle of my Rope Camp). Time Jumps 1:30 Boymeat 5:29 Handfasting 7:20 Rope with Bear (and a special appearance) 10:03 Cigar Lesson 11:14 Paying Dearly (canes with Gray & Rough) 19:42 Warrior Kitten Memorial […]

DGG #14 Fusion pt 3 —

Playdate with the Pros, D3, Bastinato, and a few fun moments in between. Time Jumps 1:35 Playdate with the Pros 3:48 a beer odyssey 4:43 Poetic, the tour guide 7:20 Waffle House 10:05 D3 and his hotel room 14:08 Carol Queen and Robert [14:28-15:02 podcastus interuptus] 15:43 Bastinato 19:50 Jon’s boots 20:37 DM Training 23:34 […]

Friday Night —

  After my piss cherry was popped, my Friday night continued… ~ We all gathered in a circle around our two friends as the handfasting was about to begin. I felt a bump in my right arm.  Looked to my side.  Saw Gray, dapper and handsome.  I slipped my arm into his. We stood side-by-side […]

Filthy —

Friday was all about movement.  Coming back to camp after a fun evening and morning with D3.  Moving my bootblack kit to one cabin.  Moving it again when I arranged to black a friend’s boots.  Scurrying across campus to demo bottom for a class.  Going right back across the grass to black another friend’s boots […]

Boymeat —

“I was disappointed I missed your class. I was demo bottoming for another presentation at the same time. So, if you don’t mind me picking your brain, how did you get over piss play?” “I’ve liked piss since I was a kid. The class was about piss play and different ways to use piss.” “Oh, […]