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I’m A Slut —

Today I was a slut. I am a slut everyday, but today was a magnificent day to be a slut. Attending our local Renaissance Festival, I donned garb befitting the occasion: a black wrap dress with ample cleavage shown, a chain mail diadem atop my mound of curls, black tights (for I knew it would […]

Tradition —

I pulled my gold fabric up over my ass, opting to not remove my toga. I had intricately placed my two pieces of long fabric and didn’t want to try to rearrange them. My diadem stayed put fine. My sandals and chainmail belt were not an issue. My golden wing earrings dangled from my ears. […]

My Thoughts —

Going into Fusion, I knew I wanted an abduction.  I had previously attempted one at the last Fusion, but instead called off the scene.  For this year, I chose my friend N3rddom to organize and coordinate the affair with my approved captors to make this scene happen. As part of the process, N3rddom asked me to send […]

Storm —

I could feel it coming. I had just gotten out of the shower, just washed away the sweat of the hot hot Friday, when I could just feel it. A storm was coming. Stepping outside onto the back porch, the wind had started to swirl. The skies had turned ominous. I think, then, everyone knew […]

Drunk Blogging —

My roommate DeepEnd makes the BEST Long Island Ice Teas. Haven’t done this in a while. Blogging while I’m drunk. But I didn’t want to go to bed without blogging, cause if I wait til tomorrow morning, I’ll either blog or run on the treadnill, but not both cause then I’d have to wake up […]

Stress —

Sleep deprivation sucks. Nausea. Short temper. Easier to tears. Micro naps while I drive. And, frankly, I stop giving a fuck, at times acting like a bitch. It’s the busy season; I am very sleep deprived. When I woke up Sunday morning, my room was muggy and hot. I had gotten to sleep around 5am. […]

Bye For Now, Hello Minnesota —

It was wet, misting. DeepEnd arrived at 4am, just as we had planned. I hopped into his car and we were off. As we traveled down the interstate, we chatted about random things. At 4:30am he exited, taking his normal way to the airport.NIGHTLY ROAD CLOSURE 8PM-5AMHmm… He tried going anyway. Seeing a cop in […]

Three Moments —

1) “Do you know how to coil rigging rope?”Do I know how to coil rope? Hmm…One of my projects at work today was, simply, to coil rope. But not just any rope. 3/4 inch braided black nylon, with a blue accent. Two coils. 150′ in length, each. They sat on the warehouse’s concrete floor, two […]

Velvet Fire —

“Come on. Give us some poetic desires. How does it feel?”- SkinnyBitch“Like velvet fire licking my skin.”- meI laid on the plastic drop cloth shaking, anticipation increasing. CandleLover, Diva, and I patiently waited for our audience. The chill from the basement floor rose up through the thin carpet and plastic sheet. I shivered. CandleLover rubbed […]

Hugs —

In conversation recently, I’ve heard about a study that showed Americans are not touched enough. As a person who is in fact a “hugger”, I tend to believe this. Often we all need our personal space. I wouldn’t want an unwanted individual breaking the minimum eighteen inches around me that I view as “my air”. […]