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Flight Delay —

~ erotica~ – I didn’t wake you, did I? * No, I was already up. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Too excited for your arrival. – About that. My flight’s delayed. I won’t be in til noon. * How long til you board? – About an hour. Everyone’s pretty stressed, red eye and all, but […]

Not The Suckiest —

~ a story ~ I knew it. I knew as soon as she opened the boxed that I had fucked up. Maybe it wasn’t the right color. Or the right size. Or maybe it was just something she found utterly atrocious. Either way, I knew I fucked up.“You hate it,” I stated plainly.“No. No, I […]

Lesson —

~erotica~ – You were being difficult. * No I wasn’t. – Yes, you were. * I was being specific, detailed, precise. – Right… * Who has who bound? – Who is inside of whom? * Just because I’m… riding… you… doesn’t… mean… fuck… Doesn’t mean… Doesn’t mean… I couldn’t do… whatever I want… to you… […]

Falling Down —

The cold rain pounded her body; she didn’t care. The frigid wind blew; she didn’t mind. The rain masked her tears. The wind screamed louder than her cries. She was grateful for the torrent around her, grateful something rivaled the tornado of emotions inside her. He arrived around 9, tired from work, not expecting to […]

Be Honest —

* You want me to be honest? – Yes. And no bullshit. The word ‘rejection’ better not cross your lips. * Hmm… Well, beyond rejection. Beyond failure. Beyond loneliness and heartache, the usuals. – Yes. * The thing I fear the most is… the dark. – The dark? * The dark. – Really? * Yes. […]

Don’t Pretend —

~erotica~ – You like my ass. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I know you think it’s hot. * True. Your ass is quite impressive. – And you want to fuck me. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice you staring. * True again. […]

[image] —

~erotica~ – Send me a picture. * Of what? – Send me a picture. * Of… what? 😀 – You know what. * And yet I keep asking. – Be creative. * Ok. * [image] * Guess the body part. – Mmm, a game. I will say… hand. * Good. Now, your turn. – [image] […]