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Leather, Sex, and Cars —

~ a dream ~My eyes opened slowly, the fog of sleep clinging to me like a wet blanket. Had someone come in? I wasn’t sure. When my eyes did more than peek open, the first thing I saw was black. It was a matte black, and I noticed at once that it was leather. My lids […]

Wet Dream Fanfic —

So, yeah, really fucking horny lately…I sat with a group of kinky folks in a large room in the basement of a mansion. The floor was polished hardwood; the room temperate but completely empty, save for us. The walls were tall, white, about two stories high, but completely bare. We sat on the floor in a […]

Another Wet Dream —

What can I say (other than I’ve been quite horny lately)…I was visiting a friend, either in the mid-west or west coast. It may have been San Francisco. It may have been Chicago. The area was industrial, in the middle of a sprawling city. Three of us stood in a small side ballroom of a […]

A Wet Dream —

I was on the set of a movie. A porno. I was an actor. Or a PA. Or both. The director sent me off to fetch a bunch of gel for the lights, lights which were to shoot through a screen to highlight the lead in a soft glow. It was combination horror/porn shoot. The […]

Grandma’s House —

~a nightmare~ His teeth were yellow, with random spots of brown. His breath stank of liquor, which kind I couldn’t tell. He held his shot gun in his right hand as he leaned against the door frame. “Why wasn’t I lucky. Passing by, and seeing your lights on.” The front door had a large window […]