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Elevated —

~ a dream ~   “Do you feel that vibration?” “Your heart rate is…” He sat next to me on the barstool in the small open air cantina. Our drinks, like us, were sweating in the heat. My left arm touched his right. His eyes were forward. Mine were glued to his phone. I could […]

Leather, Sex, and Cars —

~ a dream ~My eyes opened slowly, the fog of sleep clinging to me like a wet blanket. Had someone come in? I wasn’t sure. When my eyes did more than peek open, the first thing I saw was black. It was a matte black, and I noticed at once that it was leather. My lids […]

Wet Dream Fanfic —

So, yeah, really fucking horny lately…I sat with a group of kinky folks in a large room in the basement of a mansion. The floor was polished hardwood; the room temperate but completely empty, save for us. The walls were tall, white, about two stories high, but completely bare. We sat on the floor in a […]

Another Wet Dream —

What can I say (other than I’ve been quite horny lately)…I was visiting a friend, either in the mid-west or west coast. It may have been San Francisco. It may have been Chicago. The area was industrial, in the middle of a sprawling city. Three of us stood in a small side ballroom of a […]

A Wet Dream —

I was on the set of a movie. A porno. I was an actor. Or a PA. Or both. The director sent me off to fetch a bunch of gel for the lights, lights which were to shoot through a screen to highlight the lead in a soft glow. It was combination horror/porn shoot. The […]

Grandma’s House —

~a nightmare~ His teeth were yellow, with random spots of brown. His breath stank of liquor, which kind I couldn’t tell. He held his shot gun in his right hand as he leaned against the door frame. “Why wasn’t I lucky. Passing by, and seeing your lights on.” The front door had a large window […]